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How to get the most interesting celebrations of the world

August 30 2007

In the world there are so many different parties, among which there are very unusual and interesting. As such, the festival of colors in New Delhi.

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The festival of colors in New Delhi - Indian national holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, a celebration of the expulsion of evil and rebirth of life. It is celebrated for 2 days at the full moon. According to legend, died on this day an evil demon Holik. On this day in each city hosts its celebration, bonfires are lit everywhere, symbolizing the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. Holik on the fire burning, throwing off the seasonal crop - corn, coconuts, etc. In the morning people are out on the street, and the fun begins - all pour colored water each other's red, green, yellow, blue and black and colored powder are thrown.

Tour to India for 8 days worth 1,630 dollars for 2 adults, including travel.

Tomatina Buñol in the village - the famous "Battle of the tomato." This is one of the most popular and visited holiday in Spain. Each year it attracts over 36,000 people. On special trucks to the site of the battle brought about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. The rules here are pretty simple - you can throw tomatoes at anyone, more importantly, to avoid injury, tomatoes need a good stretch. Also it is impossible to tear your opponents clothing and throw something other than tomatoes, despite all the excitement, which undoubtedly covers rivals. After the battle area are cleaned from the hoses, the participants are washed in a specially established for this shower or just go swimming in a river.

Tour of Spain (Costa Brava) will cost you 957evro 2 adults or 479 Euros for one.

Holiday nudes in Japan - Hudak Matsuri, or "naked festival", which is celebrated from 767 years. The temple is going Saidaji 3000 men aged 23 to 43 years who are dressed only in loincloths. The purpose of this holiday - to attract good luck, as it is believed that the naked man picks up all the troubles, if to touch him. Participants of the festival after visiting the Temple, where the cleaning, organize a march on city streets, where hundreds of people in search of fortune trying to touch them. On this day, as on the street is cool in February, and must have the courage to go out half naked into the street, the Japanese drink a lot of sake.

Tour in Tokyo for 7 days - 952 + dollar ticket (a / b).

The Chap & Hendrick's Olympics in England. Community representatives Chap and Hendrick's Olympiad conducted annually among the gentlemen in the open air in London's Bedford Square, which aims to support and preserve the traditions of the English gentleman.

Annual Festival of The Summer Redneck Games in Georgia, USA, the apotheosis of which is competition for plyuhanyu into the liquid clay (Mud Pit Belly Flop) under the joyful screams of fans. Special delight of the audience raises a clay rain, shed for all after a particularly loud dive competing in the red goo.

Zombies march in Boston. City Centre on that day zapolonyayut beings, supposedly go searching for their victims. Some zombies prefer to dress in a bloody wedding costumes and rubber masks, others portray the living dead, motionless, like Michael Jackson in a video clip in 1983, "Thriller."

8-day tour in the U.S. (Miami) - 643dollara + bus

jealous of ancestor worship festival called Tapati celebrated inhabitants of Easter Island in Chile. The Islanders dressed up each other in a special suit of clothes and dancing. Both men and women compete in the race with a bunch of bananas. Supervises festivities specially elected by the Queen: it should be not only beautiful but also hard working. Strict jury of elders counts how many we caught fish and weave cloth, each aspirant.

Tours in Chile for 8 days (Santiago - Temuco - Pucon - Easter Island) - 1530dollarov + a / b

Scottish holiday Aphelio. Residents of the city (Lerwick), which is a holiday, make 30-foot model of the Viking ship (with a dragon on the nose), dress up the Vikings, light torches, march through the streets, the pipes in the traditional military bugles, and across the city have the ship to sea. More than 900 beautifully dressed participants follow a retinue of 40 Vikings and their giant ships to a place where the fire is lit. Evening torch procession to the burial rites of the dead soldiers burned a wooden boat of the Vikings. On the coast, the ship burned - 900 burning torches thrown on the "old" ship.

Ivan Kupala - national holiday, celebrated in the Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) at the summer solstice. The holiday is celebrated in the shortest night of the year - from fires, jumping over them - for good luck, songs, traditional games, walk with the birch tree, fortune-telling. This holiday - the cult of light, the sun, all living in this time of "curative dew, the grass treatment, water purifying." According to legends, on the night of Kupala's impossible to sleep as the night time revelry was considered the dark forces of nature from which to make different charms.

Tour in Ukraine (Kiev) is 7,385 rubles, Belarus (Minsk region) - 5000 rubles. + W / e.

Irina Kapustina


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