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Where to go in May

April 29 2007

If you have planned your vacation in May, then you are lucky enough. Wherever you go, almost everywhere, apart from the usual collection of "sea, sun, palm trees" or, say, castles, museums, culture, interesting surprises await you. The most romantic month swallow in carnivals and festivals, enchant lights of fireworks, intoxicate the fragrance of flowers ... We offer the best overview of the May events and weather at popular holiday resorts.

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Where to go?

At sea. In Turkey and Egypt until the season has arrived, but it's good. Prices for tours are much lower than would be in late summer and autumn, and the hotels and the beaches are free. In May, in these countries, cool - about +25 ° C. And if the sea seems a cold, it does not matter - each hotel has a swimming pool. But with this weather most fun to drive on trips and safaris. Fans of a more intricate recreation may prefer the beaches of Tunisia, Morocco and Thailand. Tunisia is well warmed by May, and in Morocco has not yet been fatally hot. In Thailand, in May is hot, but before the rainy season, the temperature is normally tolerated.

Admire the beauty. All Europe blooms in May. Ideal weather is to travel to any countries from Norway to Portugal. Anywhere warm, dry and cool. Tourists can choose between numerous coach trips to France and Italy. May - the perfect time to walk in the Paris garden and looking at the great baroque architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona. The most affordable tours - in the Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltics.

In May kicks off the season in Cyprus and in Greece, says Travel. ru. And if you swim in the sea it is early, then explore the ancient ruins and enter the historical spirit - at the time.

In search of exoticism. Among the exotic places can offer beach holidays, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore and Indonesia. Tours do not differ cheap, but after these dank corners of the edges of the native nature seem a paradise on earth. Temperatures on the islands are kept around +30 ° C, which is favorable for all kinds of recreation on the coast. In addition, Mauritius can be a journey to the crater of a volcano in the Seychelles - to see the world's largest coconut palms and visit the ornithological reserve.

Jordan beckons tourists with its undiscovered history. There are many biblical sites, Muslim, Bedouin and monuments. The majestic rock city of Petra has not yet been studied by scientists, but delights of every traveler. In Jordan, you can relax at the Dead Sea, where the medicinal properties have not only the water and mud, but even the air heals lungs! And in the south of tourists waiting for the coast and coral reefs of the Red Sea.

May also a good time to visit the Asian country. Travel agencies offer rich experiences on excursions and trips to Nepal, where you can visit the Buddhist monasteries, walk in Kathmandu and to see Everest. China and South Korea, where the deep history of an amazing blend with modern lifestyles, will also be, than to please the tourist. In favor of the May holiday in these countries is the fact that on 25 May, the Buddhist country's bright and large-scale celebrate the birthday of Buddha.

The cruise!For May has a peak cruise season. And cruises can be chosen to suit every taste. The richest selection of cruises in the Mediterranean: 10-12 days at a luxurious ship you can visit Italy, Egypt, Greece, Libya, Malta, Turkey and Croatia. Possible sea routes in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. These tours include Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. Prices for cruises are below $ 1000 are rare, but two weeks on the sea air and lots of unforgettable memories are worth it!

River cruises also deliver a lot of pleasant and unforgettable experience. You can ride on the Rhine with a stop in such wonderful cities like Basel, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. The route begins on the Danube in Budapest, runs along the Austria and Germany and ends in Slovenia. Elbe River, the Dnieper and Sung also offer visitors an amazing opportunity for a holiday on board a luxury vessel with a stop in a cozy European cities.

What to see?

In the series of the May holidays at the same time Russia is Land of the Rising Sun. Hardworking Japanese who went to one of the most "draconian" labor codes, waited, finally, its "golden week". The first week of May was marked in China by three public holidays: Days of the Constitution, Leisure and Children. In this time of business life in Japan freezes, nobody works, all large populations out in the streets with celebrating a string of red days calendar.

Tourists who find themselves here at this time, enjoy the gastronomic expanse, the universal good humor and festive multicolored developing everywhere "carp." Alone "but": walk around the streets of Japanese cities have except that systems - too many people.

Other Asian countries - South Korea - in the first days of May, organize a festival of butterflies. Holiday guests in Hamp-Gu (North Jeolla Province) is waiting for an exciting spectacle.

Flower Festivals to be held in many cities of Cyprus, will focus on the holiday of spring turning into summer, the awakening and revival of nature and man. It is believed that Anfestiriya so-called chain of flower days of Cyprus returns the modern man to the ancient celebrations in honor of the god Dionysus. The festival traditionally begins large floral parade - open to dozens of platforms, purple poppies, daisies, daisies. This is followed by a costume parade, to which everyone can join who has a fantasy and had time to decorate your outfit with fresh flowers.

Quite busy annual May Day golden chariot and the battle with the dragon, which has long been held in Belgium in the city of Mons. Residents of this town have long ceased to be afraid of dragons, because from one year to celebrate their victory over one of them named Lyumekon. According to one legend, many centuries ago Lyumekon broke into the city, but was defeated by St George. Around since about 200 thousand inhabitants, together with the tourists every year go to protect beloved city from the winged monsters, and every year it is unfortunate animal is killed irrepressible saint.

In Germany, in mid-May will be noisy. Amazing spectacle of towering over the Rhine sparkling pillars, rattling and whistling fire figures - that's what awaits visitors in many German cities in the pyrotechnic festival lights on the Rhine. " Legendary German river literally come to life, pouring all his mind with flowers, and observe what is happening will be the waterfront or even a boat, bobbing on the waves of the Rhine.

Giant carnival that brings together up to 30,000 participants and has three times more viewers every year somehow miraculously fit in a small town in Aalborg, Denmark.None of the carnival is complete without the professional dancers and musicians wearing masks depicting various features of human nature. To join the procession can be anyone - it is what distinguishes Carnival in Aalborg from similar celebrations in other cities.

Residents of Madrid are now eagerly await the onset of his favorite fiesta - festival patron of the Spanish capital, Saint Isidro. By long tradition in the days of the fiesta, which lasts 10 days, each madridets should visit a holy spring which, on giving, was opened by Isidro, and by drinking the holy water, to plunge into the fun. Music at this time pouring over every corner. In those days held a mini-jazz festivals and theatrical performances, gorgeous ceramic work and a book fair.

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