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Japanese Cuisine: the secrets of cooking

April 27 2007

Japanese cuisine is extremely popular all over the world: it is simple, refined and sophisticated. Like cooking, and the process of eating gives man the opportunity to think, reflect. Japanese believe that food should delight all the senses. That is why in their kitchen dominates particular care: eye pleasing deliberately modest or extremely picturesque composition.

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In general, the dishes are cooked with marinated rice, fresh fish and vegetables. Besides the delicious taste, Japanese cuisine also has very useful properties. They are distinguished by the small percentage of fat, low calorie, rich in vitamins and minerals the body needs.

Rice is the foundation of Japanese food. The second important component of Japanese food - fish. Japanese are more than 10,000 species of marine animals, most of which are edible. Fry the fish and other seafood in the kitchen of Japan is not accepted.

In the food consumed almost all kinds of Japanese wild and garden plants - carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, horseradish, wasabi, white radish, daikon, bamboo, lotus, sweet potato and many others - they are usually used in sauces and condiments. China gave Japan dishes of beans and soybeans such as soy-bean sauce, tofu, soy-bean sauce and soy seyu soup miso paste (originally it was a rice soup.)

Japanese cuisine is a variety of dishes. The most popular and delicious creations - sushi, sashimi and Japanese soups.


The most popular dish is called "Sushi." This combination of raw fish and seasoned rice. In Japan, this dish has appeared hundreds of years ago as a way of long-term storage of fish. Cleaned raw fish poured layers of salt and pressed down from above the stone. A few weeks later the stone was removed and instead put a light cover. A few months later the fish was considered ready for use and serve with boiled rice.

Among all types of land uses special renown "stucco" sushi, or a different "nigiri-Juice, which means cobbled together sushi rice bun stacked on top with a slice of fish and a piece of wasabi - the easiest way of making sushi.


To prepare the freshest sashimi is used only fish that literally cut the plates in the thickness of a sheet of paper or strips or cubes thickness 0,5-1 cm
Sashimi served with wasabi and soy sauce and is usually one of the first, when the language is not overloaded with flavors and is able to perceive and appreciate all the nuances of this exotic cuisine.


There are two varieties of Japanese soup. Firstly, it is clear soup flavored broth separately artfully decorated edible products.

The second of them a thick soup, often on the basis of miso (fermented soybean weight). Most often, the land served Soup of the second kind, since it is more satisfying.

How to eat

How to eat sushi - is not insignificant point. There are two ways.

The first way. Place the sushi on one side and lift the chopsticks or fingers (thumb, index and middle) of the upper layer together with the rice, dip the edge of the upper layer (but not rice) in soy sauce. Put the sushi in his mouth so that the upper layer was on the tongue.

p align = "justify"> The second way. Take the pickled ginger and dip it in soy sauce. Using ginger as a kind of brush, smudge the sauce over the top layer of the sushi. Put the sushi in his mouth so that the upper layer was not the language.

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