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Extreme travel: the dangers of South India

July 25 2006

Even if you oversleep the border between the states, they immediately understand what you have in Kerala. Not by the fact that there are many coconut trees enough of them in other parts of India.

Since 1957, Kerala Communists won the election. If our Communists, were taken to build communism in one country, the Indian comrades were modest. They create a communist paradise within a single state.

Communist propaganda is everywhere: on walls, on fences, in shop windows and on the government's doors are shown to our family look hammer and sickle. And not only the canonical colors - red and white, it is not uncommon to meet a symbol of solidarity of the proletarians and peasants, blue and yellow.

How effective is the Communist government acts in terms of improvement of one of the most populous Indian states is difficult to say. In view of the outside observer this state no richer and cleaner neighborhood, on the level of unemployment, he is always one of the first places. The communist government, while failing to achieve only one obvious success. In Kerala - the highest literacy rates approaching 100 percent.

In the heart of Cochin, near the ruins of the Portuguese Fort with a single gun, is the oldest - of the Europeans built - the church of St. Francis (1503). It was buried myself Vasco de Gama, whose name is called built-up 500-year-old Portuguese mansions area.

Along the waterfront stretch endless rows of fishing nets, which are called "Cheena shaft. "Net" is lowered into the water, and after a while and the team of five or six fishermen pulling a rope attached to the end of a giant pen, and the mesh is removed from the water, and in it - if you're lucky - and two or three randomly unwary fish.

Fishermen work on hundreds of challenges along the waterfront restaurants. Here the fishermen caught fish immediately and prepare and sell at inflated prices.

India - one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and so far most of the population does not live in cities and in rural areas. Virtually the entire area cultivated and divided, and the remnants of forests occupy only about four percent of the country. Entry and exit in these forests is strictly controlled.

Turning off the highway at the unobtrusive track, passing through a clearing, littered with piles of dry bamboo, we decided to spend the night in a tent.

But it was enough to light a fire, as its light initially tightened flock of nosy monkeys, and then from the thicket came a forester: later, he even offered to turn a blind eye "to our presence - just Rs 1000! But we chose not to bargain, but quickly leave to find another hotel.

Hotel we never found, and stopped near the village. And soon, we granted to the delegation of three, armed with machetes peasants. Speaking in broken Hindi, we explained the situation, but we were not able to ascertain whether farmers have taken for terrorists, whether they tried to warn about them. In general, it was necessary to knocking. Little is whether to spend the night.


Europeans are forced to adapt to life in the humid tropical climate, sought and found in the mountains where a little cooler. It was based "Mountain Station". One of them was based in the Western Gathas, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level resort town of Kodaikanal. In 1840 American missionaries built their school for European children, based on which was founded still exists today Kodayskaya International School - one of the most prestigious private schools in India.

Kodaikanal lies on the hillside between two layers of clouds.There is always the weather, reminiscent of early autumn - still full of green, but chilly at night and often rains. The first time I ever visit to South India felt like home. To fulfill a dream: to sit by the campfire under the southern stars, eat baked potatoes in the coals and just sing the song with a guitar. You do not have to climb in the dense forest. We rented a couple of days cottage with a fireplace and a plot of land, vacation a success.

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