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Unknown Finland is open to the Russians

May 24 2006

Travel in Finland, is the best choice for any novice traveler from Russia. Suomi has beautiful scenery, fresh air, delicacy in Europe. Ease in obtaining a visa (visa is the easiest EU), and love themselves Finns to Russia, making this fantastic country, one of the most popular. We offer you a report on a fantastic journey in the spring of 2006.

The first day.

From Novgorod in the morning we left without further adventure, and got to St. Petersburg. From Peter our way lay along a highway in the Primorsky Zelenogorsk (formerly Terioki). We wandered briefly visited the "Upper Long" and went to Vyborg.

Traveling companions, if you want to leave the country through the glorious city of Svetogorsk, beware. A pointer to the desired rotation (in Russia is often the case) is missing. As a result, we had to go in red.

The border crossing did not take much time, cars are out there were only two more. Well, here we are in Finland. The first plans were: to relax and swim in the water park Imatra, and then spend the night in Lappeenranta, from morning to meet our friend, traveling by train, in Vanikkale (crossing for the trains into account when obtaining a visa).

Water park, we found quickly, consulting the map on opastus information (position information), and then went on the signs. Is called a water paradise «Imatran kylpyla». Before the closure was only a half hour. But still we napleskalis plenty.

After the water park, as planned, went to Lappeenranta, where going to stay in the complex Huhtiniemi. It had long enough to look. Removed the «holiday apartment» (weekend rates at hotels below). Very nice: a bedroom for three, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

But, alas, the "hunger - not my aunt, but was too lazy to cook. Let's go to dinner in town, as Huhtiniemi not fed. Found the hotel network "Sokos" and tasted it amazing Finnish creamy soup, as well as fish for the second under a terrific Sicilian white wine (not cheap, but then the rest).

Returned to Huhtiniemi close midnight, we just lay down to sleep. The day we drove about 550 km.

Day Two: Lappeenranta - Mikkeli.

Having met his friend in Vanikkale, we had breakfast which God has sent. Our rations were quite modest (prices in Finland are high in bread and meat and alcohol).

They arrived at the center of Lappeenranta, and walked through the fortress. According to our guidebook, the Orthodox church, built in Lappeenranta - the oldest wooden church in the world. Opened it in 1741 for Russian soldiers to the local garrison. Shafts still remain from the Swedish era. Romantic atmosphere, peace and goodness. Better country than Finland, for quiet relaxation and philosophizing in the world, probably not.

Unfortunately, the sand castle in the spring had not yet built, the huge lake covered with ice in the harbor of quiet and empty, deserted piers are silent about their secrets.

Passing the sake of decency through the center of town, we're going again in Imatra on the track number 6. Stone bed vodoskata makes you see him on a big impression. Only here you can actually see that the traveler, describing vodoskat more than 100 years ago, hardly sinned against the truth when he said that the roar of Imatra spreads for 6 miles. The new building Valionhotelli fits perfectly into the natural landscape.

Walking across the bridge over Vuoksa on the island, we found there (a little closer to the dam), a fountain dedicated to all those who are "lucky" to fall into the waterfall. A typical Finnish rationalism: sea maiden bathing in a waterfall.

eshili immediately and a little snack to keep the opportunity to dine like to be in a cafe. Failed. Our snack somehow turned into a big dinner. And the cause is not our greed, and the value of the traditional Finnish portions, even in the eatery.

Pretty refreshed, we go on the road in the direction Parikkaly. But our path lies in Punkaharju, the famous ridge between the lakes.

We turn off the signs towards the tourist information office. Was not an office in our understanding, and the city library, which combines these features. Probably we were the first tourists in the year. Otherwise, no logic, not be surprising kindness of the local ladies, and her sincere desire to help us. We not only received detailed instructions as we go and what to watch, but also additional information about the old bunkers, which are not written in guidebooks.

For those who do not meet amiable young lady, reports: the road № 6, turn left on road 4792. This track is almost parallel to the main, but laid on the hill. Literally for the first corner, amazing lake made on both sides of the road. Sometimes one wonders, not dam it. But the nature of the components ridge of granite boulders convinces us that this is solely a natural phenomenon Suomi.

Passing is a wonderful place, turn on the road in 4794 Kerimäki.

The church in this city deserves special attention. This is the world's largest wooden church in 1847 (3000 seats, or 5,000 visitors). Unfortunately it was closed because of the continuing right up to mid-May, the Finnish winter. But even an external inspection makes an indelible impression.

Moving to Savonlinna. Fort, according to the guidebook, not quite medieval, finish building its our great commander Suvorov, when the peace treaty, all Olavinlinna ceded to Russia. Unassailable fortress stands on an island on which you can switch on a pontoon bridge. Oh, this Finnish winter: the island after 3 o'clock in the afternoon to get impossible. Had to be satisfied with a tour of the neighboring shores. Produces the impression of unapproachable.

Moving on to Mikkeli. His European road evenness and uniformity of catching up sleepy. Stop, before you reach Yuvy kilometer 15 on the small parking lot on the lake. The water here is not black peat, as in Karelia, and transparent with pebble bottom.

In Mikkeli had little pokolesit the city in search of the hotel, because the nearest campsite was closed because of the same infinitely long Finnish winter (and enjoy it doubtful freeze). We stopped at Cumulus, has pleasantly surprised us both prices and quality service.

The day passed another 288 km.

To be continued ...

The material was prepared in conjunction with the MSHA-CLUB


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