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Hookah: more than exotics - September 23, 2006

September 23 2006

At dusk thousands of residents of old neighborhoods of Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, Baghdad, Amman and many other small and big eastern cities are sent to the shops, cafes and shops to smoke hookah, or in Arabic - narghile. This is mainly of men. Most hookah smoking, putting on his head a dark red fez with tassels hanging down - fashion, coming from the nineteenth century.

However, the Arabs, who consider their national patrimony hookah, smoking allowed him, even women and children! In modern families "shisha" (this is another name hookah, widespread in Egypt, Tunisia and some other countries) offers guests after the fruit to tea and coffee. Like dessert. This ceremony has become so routine part of many family parties, that the Ministers of Health UAE seriously concerned and decided to prohibit minors messing hookah.

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So, the people seated around small tables - tarabez, and winds leisurely conversation. As usual, start with the policy, then proceed to family life, and finish in women - a topic never loses its relevance. The mood among the visitors salon complacent: hookah pacifies. By applying to a mouthpiece, people tell jokes and funny past cases, play backgammon. From time to time on the tables served bitter coffee or strong tea.

At the counter is about 60 hookahs, most of them available to everyone, but some are reserved for special customers. For each visitor to the manager chooses the vessel, cleans it and turns a small amount of raw tobacco. He knows that older clients usually prefer Tombak - strong Turkish tobacco grown on plantations near the Syrian border. A young love muassel - aromatic mixture with apple, cherry or orange flavor color from Egypt and Bahrain. For men the average age of the manager will offer Indian zhurak, which is midway between the first two and the addition of fruit contains a variety of oil or molasses.

Esthetes added to the container sour cherries or grapes to watch as they float in water or pomegranate juice and rose oil to enhance flavor. Formerly smokers were added to the hookah various drug mixtures, and sometimes the most unexpected parts. For example, the Turkish sultan were supposed to smoke a mixture of opium, flavors and ... crushed pearls. But our contemporaries in the pursuit of pleasure sometimes shipped in a hookah water instead of wine, and even ... whiskey! Effect of smoking a hookah, of course, much stronger than usual.

In Europe, the fashion for hookahs come in the XIX century, along with fashion for the entire east. Then, in the majority of the ladies of high society gladly flaunted his ability to smoke a hookah. There was a time when no one dinner does not go by without this exotic attribute.

But let us return to our salon. After managing water fills the bottom of the hookah and binds bronze neck, a cup and a pipe, the client receives his vessel for pleasure. Waiter, metal tongs carefully remove the pot from a couple of burning coals and puts them on top of the tobacco outlet.

To smoke a full cup of fruit tobacco, it takes about an hour. At zaboristy tobacco leaves at least two hours.When after some time the water in the hookah will become brown; you explain what is filtered out various harmful substances, which do not fall into your lungs.

Technology of the smoking polished over many centuries. About sobaya aesthetics smoking available idle curiosity: the haste and pressure are not compatible with long incitement and relish this exotic taste. If you are a beginner, you will prompt: dial a deep breath, take a long cigarette holder in his mouth, and tighten until you hear a gurgling sound in the jug. If the liquid in a water filter, rustles, then the process went. Enter the smoke in his mouth - the body would spread a pleasant shiver, turning into lassitude. Hookah possesses intoxicating properties, so there a state of near wisdom of the great calm. This is an exquisite oriental delight.

The first water pipes were made in India, but its modern appearance, they are obliged to Turkey. It was from here went to the culture of hookah smoking. Only later Ottoman nomads has brought her to Arab countries, where the tradition is so taken hold that today is considered a true national pride.

In ancient times, hookahs made in the home from the shell of coconuts (hence the first name of the Hookah - "narghile" - from the Persian "Nargen, coconut). The modern view has a hookah, when undertaken business craftsmen. They identified four integral part of every hookah: the mouthpiece, tip, pipe and a jar filled with water. For centuries, master perfecting his art, because of what a hookah was not only functional but also aesthetic value, becoming an integral part of Eastern culture, history and traditions.

Some believe that hookah is much more harmful than all other methods of use of nicotine. In fact, it is a myth. Experts say that one of harmfulness of smoking hookah is comparable to smoking two cigarettes. Tobacco is used in hookahs, wet and sticky, like a jam. After smoking it does not burn, but dries up, without turning into ashes. Therefore, 95% sweet hookah smoke is composed of water vapor. Number of resin in it is minimal, the greater part of harmful substances settles on the filter. Do not forget also that the complex device shares the hookah coals and water, significantly cooling the inhaled smoke. So it does not desiccate the throat and quickly dissolves in the air, leaving an unforgettable stringy sweet aroma.

"Well, is it possible to compare narghile with a cigarette? Cigarettes for the nervous people, bustling unclear where, and do not appreciate your own health - says frequented salon kalyanokureniya. - Narghile - a philosophy, the whole world. But to comprehend it truly is possible only in good company, which basis - male fraternity and human dignity. "

And they are hardly the Indians or Turks, gave the world a hookah, appreciate sittings around the hookah at the Russian cuisine. And they will be right, penetrated really can only be visited at least once at home hookah (any of the three: India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates). Conversely, do not smoke hookah - do not recognize the East.

Love Petrukhin

The Source: CNN

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