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Sweetness and the risk of carnival life

February 19 2007

What is Carnival? Fun, of course! Dancing into a frenzy, passion, gushing over the edge, killing a cocktail of heated tanned bodies, the deafening rhythms and colorful costumes, unique images like a kaleidoscope ...

Those who do not want to part with this ideal picture, we recommend not read further. No, of course, all this is so, but every medal has a reverse side. In a famous Brazilian carnival it is: an enormous number of thefts and robberies, dozens of deaths from overdoses of drugs and alcohol poisoning, a splash of sexually transmitted diseases, piles of garbage and sewage in the streets ...

Area sex freedom

"Brazilian Carnival - a popular party, where people just go out and enjoy the freedom, drink, make new friends. At this time, "sex indiscriminately - a very common phenomenon. Obtain your sultry girl at the carnival is easier than in any other place "- this is the impression of Alexei, a frequenter of world's most popular carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

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The Brazilians themselves do not deny that the scramble in the streets, the atmosphere of permissiveness and the warm tropical climate provoke an enormous amount of intimate relationships, often between just acquaintances. In one of the holidays, the townspeople "let go of each other to freedom": the wives of the blessings of their husbands to search for erotic adventures, and the husbands - wives. Incidentally, the young Brazilian natural upbringing are becoming sexually active from the age of 10-11, and 12 often become mothers. Despite the severity of the Catholic, the Brazilians look at it calmly and with the understanding as things for granted. There's even a view that the local girl is sexy only to 13 years.

The debate on the Brazilian carnival among enlightened public is as popular as in Russia around the national idea. All agreed on one thing: Carnival - Grand demokratizator, converting all participants in the brothers and sisters, and at favorable combination of circumstances - in lovers. So the main consequence of a carnival fun is the next nine months baby boom - is in the best case. At worst - the wave of abortion and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Momo - the head of Rio during festivities - before the start of the action commands: "Do not forget about your own safety - use condoms! This is the official clothing carnival. This year, the city authorities plan to distribute on the streets of a record number of "shirts" as they call these products hot Brazilians - 11 million units.

From January on local television screens flashed celebrity dancing samba and cheerfully waving condoms in the frame. Hoping that this will reduce the number of HIV infection, Brazilian officials handed out "rubber" even in schools. However, while the special effect of this is not. Polls show that in the heat of fun about condoms remember few, and their widespread distribution, only moves to the new "sexual exploits. So, going to the celebration of life, try not to lose his head.

A paradise for pickpockets

We thank the troubled city of Rio.Every year he takes a leading place not only on the number of robberies, but the number of murders per capita. For these indicators it second only to other Brazilian metropolis, located in 4 hours away - Sao Paulo, where, incidentally, also held carnivals.

Local authorities and police are well aware of this, and therefore strongly recommend that visitors abide by the carnival several precepts: do not go out in the dark outside the tourist districts, and try not to show people a video camera, watches, jewelry and a phone. Finally, the main commandment - "in case of robbery Be polite and do not resist" - highlighted in red in the memo tourist police.

On the main artery of the Rio carnival that runs along the Avenida Atlantica, unrestrained joy focuses only on one side - there is light, there are hotels and restaurants. But on the other side of the street bordering on a dark beach, no one goes. Thirty meters away from the carnival - it is dangerous, careless tourists immediately becomes the object of hunting. On the Avenida Atlantica round the clock every 50 meters police posts. However, can rob both the beach and in an expensive hotel, a nightclub - in short, everywhere.

In the days of carnival safety is ensured almost by 3 thousand police officers, but without the excesses can not do. Night robbery - the main topic of discussion over breakfast at the hotel: "From the beach to the hotel one way or another it was necessary to get to. Do not catch the same taxi to drive 200 meters. They appeared suddenly, four black guys about 20 years. Back-to-back was assigned something sharp. One spoke quite good English: "Sir, this is a robbery, if you want your pleasant evening continued, do not move." They pulled out his wallet, where it was 120 reais (about $ 60), and briefly felt his pockets and ran off in different directions. If I'm not mistaken, who spoke with me even threw on the run: "Thank you for your cooperation". All lasted less than 40 seconds.

According to official statistics, over 5 days of the carnival hundreds of tourists becoming victims of thieves. Among the deplorable consequences of the carnival on a regular basis is about 10 deaths from drug overdoses, alcohol and violence.

Note that the left penniless and without a tourist can "help" robbers. Most foreigners just pull all the cash on entertainment and drinks, and late for their flights. Employees of the airport of Rio de Janeiro remember many occasions when a good looking up at the carnival, foreigners without money and documents had lived for several months at the airport and earn their living washing dishes in the nearby bars.

And yet, to exaggerate, probably not worth it. Carnival in Rio - a hymn of love and carefree fun. And all of the above - is just one of many facets of this action. His inside-out ...

The Source: "Herald"


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