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Retrieved on itself: as cheap to go to Europe (Part 2)

August 18 2006

When a planned trip meant that your friends will pick us in Cologne on the way to Wacken, but as always we expect, but God disposes. We were told that after 1,5 days, we had to be in Munich.

After sitting in an Internet cafe and making a few calls home to Moscow (ip-telephonia minute from Moscow 15 cents), we went to the store for a delicious beer. Taking on 2 liters, we exchanged a useless appendage to us 0.5 vodka on another 2 liters of beer Schofferhofer.

When in 1944 the Frankfurt collapsed bombing, almost all poluderevyannye buildings were destroyed. But after the war, in record time, the city was rebuilt efforts of residents. Frankfurt has become a sort of mixture of modern architecture and remnants of the old buildings. Some of the most notable buildings, but were restored fully and in detail.

Despite the fact that Frankfurt is not of major monuments and museums, as in, say, Munich or Berlin, this city attracts about two million tourists annually.

Many of the museums are located on the south bank of the river Main. This beach is attractive in itself, since there are a number of modern buildings and capture the imagination. In Frankfurt, a lot of parks with flowers and monuments to heroes past.

The area around the central train station are a busy part of town. East of the station is the so-called trade zone with many shops and boutiques. And the central exit begins street red light.

In ancient Cologne train rides from 2 hours, and we wanted to sleep, and what to do there in an hour or something at night? Having made an overview of a walk down the street red light district, the city reminded me more industrial Hamburg. Services you offer mostly polkas and Slovak, nice for only 50 euros, and we can haggle. However, we did not need it, but because sex tourism is to our readers better in the Republic of Poland and Slovakia, for the exotic in Nepal and Singapore.

I again started having "Deja Vu" .. We stayed in a double room "Frankfurt Hostel," which is located in the same place near the station. And giving 50 euros for two, we received a welcome shower, TV, bed, breakfast, and unnecessary to call her.


The morning was wonderful and the view from the window set up on our biggest accomplishment, so after breakfast we rushed to the station. Looking for fellow travelers to the beautiful Cologne, we are increasingly and caught people traveling in the opposite direction. During the weekend in Germany you can buy for 30-32 euros "vahende-ticket" gives you a chance to ride the whole day on all kinds of trains. The ticket is valid for 5 persons - 6 euros from the nose.

Regular visitors to Wacken, and we are already rushing to the other side of Cologne. We picked up three Germans, a philologist Jonas told us many interesting things about the peculiarities of dialects of southern Germany. In front of us sat a pair of stoppers from Russia: Krasnoyarsk, Sergei and Anatoli from Moscow.

In Germany, the men were traveling through Sweden and the ultimate way to have spent a lot of money greater than ours. Completing a marathon beer, we went first to 37 degrees vodka Gorbachev (counterfeit crap), then the great Finnish mint Mintu (50 degrees), mark old Mendeleev and five other anecdote.

It was decided to move out of town Kaissel. After wandering on the repaired railway station in search of a toilet, and do not even find the information center we went to a suburban platform. Man in the "orange" vest was happy to tell us everything, what, where, and where ...

Hitchhiker Serega and Tolia moved to Berlin at 18:00, in the meantime, we have followed in Munich starting with 16:17. Since we left was about 6 hours, we will without further ado went for a walk ...

To be continued ...


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