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Hitchhiking - free road as the key to successful travel (Part II)

November 17 2006

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The world-famous hitchhiking gesture - hand with protruding thumb. But the Russians often go their own way: some people vote open hand, someone as a "seal" (gently waving his outstretched hand), someone sends a signal to the driver with two fingers. Only the roadside "moths" use the universal gesture. They squeezed a hand into a fist and beat on it with his hand by the thumb. Everyone immediately clear what they want.

Because of this confusion, the drivers and ask: "Are you going for the money or what?". However, more and more even beginners stoppers used fist with outstretched finger. It seems simple: it raised his hand - and wait. But not so simple.

The main thing, assessing the speed of the machine and the distance to you, raise your hand at the right moment. It is also desirable to establish a visual (nonverbal) contact with the driver time to react to his gestures. For example: "I turn" or "no place in the cockpit. But the main thing is to show that you are confident. Confidence - the key to success in any business.

To attract the attention of drivers to help plaques - cardboard box with the destination or direction of movement in your chest. It happens that no badge vote is impossible in principle (as an example at the entrance to the freeway). Prudent hitch-hikers to collect the radio tuned to a wave of "truck" thereby increasing the probability of stopping the machine.

How to become hunters and find the treasure?

Mystery Dungeon near Moscow

For the right choice position should take into account several indispensable requirements.

1. On the sidelines should be enough room to safely stop the machine;

2. Stand should be in sight;

3. With all his might to avoid lonely places, with no signs of habitation. For example, forest steppe;

4. Speed machines should be limited to the sign or natural barrier, throw their 160 km / h for you, no one will;

5. Do not stand in the area of the sign "stop is prohibited. Widespread and common mistake, like "stop" on toll highways.

An ideal place for a vote in Russia and CIS GAI post on the outskirts of the city. In Europe such a place are the gas station entrance on the motorway, or a tourniquet on a paid highway. Please note there with the police is better not to get involved. Alas, but the right choice position does not guarantee you success. It happens that at the very convenient place stuck, and at a remote crossroads at night leaving almost immediately.

On the driver's decision to stop or pass by, and affects your appearance. Typically, drivers are better stopschikam "tourist type". Backpack and bright clothing helps to draw attention from a distance driver. There is even a sort of "uniform". In Europe, many hitch-hikers use a combination of yellow and black. If the "stop" is at night, on clothing Paste cataphotes.

Hitch can be both alone and in company. The advantages are obvious to one trip: to move faster (often in the car there is only one empty seat), better communication with the driver, you get more for the night and sandwiches, do not need anyone to bring their plans, enhances communication skills.

However, the journey "deuce" is much more fun - there are one to talk to, and safer - not least for girls.In this case the road has to make hundreds of decisions, so in a pair of one must necessarily be a principal (leading), and the second - a subordinate (slave). Otherwise, problems may arise with the adoption of fateful decisions.

The optimal combination for hitchhiking is a mixed couple: a woman stops machines (fishing for live bait), and the man protects it from possible dangers. In a way you can go and three, and preferably four. In Europe and America, families are often a few cars, and on the road enough of empty cars and vans.

Vitvitskiy Alexei Materials Msha-club


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