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Travel insurance: what should I do?

May 17 2006

Going to a long-awaited vacation, we get from the hands of a travel agent a package of documents, which includes a leaflet with insurance. As a rule, we pay attention only to the fact that the cost of insurance is not much beating in our pocket, and then happily forget about it until the end of the trip. But this is only if staying in a foreign land passed to us without adventure and surprises.

And what if, instead of splashing in the sea or the surrounding area, we suffer from a toothache or puzzled as to why after being bitten by an unknown insect was swollen and numb leg? Here we first look into the insurance policy and frantically trying to understand the intricacies of legal language - that is doing exactly what, for good, would have cost to do before the trip. After extra money we do not take themselves. And the overseas medical services are few.

And imagine the bitter bewilderment tourist, who is forced to shell out the trip in which he did not go, for example, because of ... Well, you never know what can happen to a man. From "house arrest", he wisely insurance and travel agent for some reason just throws up his hands, and money for the trip does not return.

Therefore, to warn myself against such unpleasant moments, will try to answer the question: what, in fact, covers the travel insurance.

Most countries require that visitors who come to them armed with medical insurance policy. As we have noted, tour operators usually automatically include the cost of a ticket.

In principle, the tourist is not obliged to buy a policy at the travel agency: you can contact the insurance company and to choose the best option. But such an opportunity very few uses: According to various estimates, up to 95% of travel insurance in Russia, distributed through travel agencies.

Insurance for traveling abroad may be three options. Category A is 15 000 euro refund only "medical transportation costs." This implies that a tourist, on vacation or ill received during a holiday injury, will be provided with prompt medical attention and, if necessary, sent by special vehicles to their homeland. Pay for such insurance, usually for about $ 1 for each day of stay abroad.

This option does not cover any material losses or moral harm and has no relation to the refund if, say, your tour is not held or finished ahead of.

If you got a more expensive insurance category B or C (30 thousand and more), then you are at leisure in the full right to require you to download to cure a tooth get up to mischief, with all serious about your migraines, and immediately explained that the fly you Today bitten. In all seriousness, such insurance, if necessary, provide first aid, outpatient care, medical transportation, in-patient treatment, dental care, prescription drugs, rental of crutches, wheelchairs, etc., repatriation and the cost of telephone calls with the insurance company.

Thus, the higher the amount of your insurance, the more points it agreed, and so, consequently, more your confidence that in an emergency, you will receive the necessary assistance directly in the host country. And the cost is slightly more expensive than a standard insurance package.

Buying insurance should pay attention to such details, such as exacerbation of chronic disease.If this case involves a separate insurance limit, you better be aware of. In addition, starting on any island paradise, make sure that your insurance provides treatment for sunburn.

In this case, we advise you to carefully read the terms of this insurance. Not possible that you will find a franchise for 50 dollars. Franchise - the exemption of the insurer from the obligation to pay damages, not exceeding a certain value.

This means that if a visit to a private doctor (including the hotel) will cost less than $ 50, it would pay you out of your pocket. And by "pure accident" will be just 50 bucks, and visits the good doctor will certainly nominate a few. On the other hand, the insurance with a deductible is less costly than without it.

We also note that insurance coverage, then there is a limit of liability of insurance companies in different countries also varies: in the "safe" Europe is 15,000 euros, but in the exotic countries where the climate, and living creatures, can come to a Russian person "not liking, it is initially higher - 30 or even 50 thousand dollars. In addition, when traveling in countries with expensive health care, such as the U.S. or Canada, is also better to buy a policy with a higher sum insured, for example 50000.

In Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus guides accompanying tourists immediately on arrival recommend him to a remarkable personal doctor, who will fight to the death for his client and to require payment in cash. In this "businessman" in a white robe obderet it as a sticky and put the tourists with a slight stomach upset some scary diagnosis. How to avoid spending large sums of money on medical expenses? Read the policy! All insurance companies are calling: "Sick - by calling the telephone numbers in the policy."

Notifying the insurance company where you are, how to contact you and what happened, you will receive instructions on how to act. Of course, to know where, when, who and how to guarantee you health care, we must also in obtaining the policy.

If you go to the doctor without calling insurers to pay for a survey, a pill or a shot you have for yourself. And worth it "fun" will be from several tens to hundreds of dollars. In general, it is always better to carry the equivalent of $ 100 for unexpected medical expenses - Hippocratic Oath is Russia acting in accordance with the laws of the market.

If everything had happened so that the tourist is not reviewed your insurance policy to see a doctor and pay cash, then return home to him and want to contact the insurance company and find out the conditions under which he could get money back. Importantly, when paying in cash do not forget to get from doctors all the necessary documents (they come in handy for reimbursement of costs incurred by the insurance company).

But in some countries, treatment in emergency cases and performed free of charge. For example, if you stay in Spain and you are under 18, or you are pregnant, or, God forbid, there was urgent need for medical intervention, for a full public medical aid in any amount, no insurance you are not required.

A special article is insurance active sports. In a standard medical insurance active sports listed as an exception, but because if you decide to rest risk their lives, you have to pay separately. Having secured this insurance, you can ski on water or downhill skiing, diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding though, and know what happened to trauma - a treatment already "uplocheno" from 15 to 50 thousand dollars, depending on the host country.Such insurance does not apply only to the extreme, the age of 14, and those who, having taken on the chest ", he decided that he was" reckless. "

Let us also another one as a warning of trouble, which is very useful and recommended to all, collecting bags. This insurance costs associated with canceling a trip abroad, or at the national, "insurance against his own recognizance." It costs an extra dollar a day and works in cases such as denial of visa, a tourist's disease or his minor child until the trip, the corruption of more than 50% of the property by fire or flooding, call the court as a witness or juror, and even call in army.

The most likely not to leave here because of illness. It is necessary to note that in most cases, the insured event is only hospitalization. If the client or his / her child lies with the temperature under 40 at home, the money from the insurers he gets, even though he turned to the doctor and received from him the proper help.

In addition, it often happens that two people (or families of all), gathered on a journey, "insurable event" happens only in one. Some insurance companies at the same time return the money to his companions, and some - not inviting them to go to rest in spite of everything. These details must be clarified in advance.

In conclusion, we note that only in the Russian language the word "insurance" in tune with the word "fear". Thus, the English «insurance» comes from sure, that is to say "be sure". The second option looks much more zhizneutverzhdayusche, so that the offer with a mind to approach the question of confidence, without fear to go in his journey, and on vacation and did not think about all those "insurance cases."


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