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Go to rest and learn to shoot

June 16 2010

Want to learn how to shoot at the same time from the famous American automatic M16 rifles, M60 machine gun menacing, gun Colt, as well as from the legendary Kalashnikov? Anyone can to master the shooting of these types of small arms and at the same time to combine "a nice holiday with a useful skill, which can be useful if he did not expect it. Such an opportunity is provided to anyone who visited Vietnam.

Every year the number of those who wish to master the shooting skills of the "running" types of small arms, not only does not decrease, but also growing. In some countries it is almost impossible. In certain reasons, many of them have passed legislation prohibiting the possession, carrying and use of firearms by private individuals. In most states, where allowed, the law allows you to buy and store only a short-barreled semi-automatic weapons with a limited magazine capacity.

As a result, most anyone can master the shooting of "real" weapons, only write in the uniformed services. For obvious reasons, it is not available to all. In addition, not everyone aspires for this to link their fate with the army, police or other service.

However, this situation is correctable. In order to master the skill of shooting from the legendary AK-47, M16, M60 and many more which should not overstep the law. It's enough just to go on holiday and combine "business with pleasure." Such an opportunity is given to those who visit Vietnam. In this country, which has passed through the crucible of war against France, the United States and China, there are many interesting examples of weapons, notable amateurs shooting "real weapons."

First of all wishing to learn to shoot you can visit the old guerrilla base near Ho Chi Minh in the Cu Chi. During the war, the guerrillas against the Americans has been building this underground camp with branched kilometers of passages with a lot of cunning, and at the same time simple traps like pits with sharpened bamboo staves, for fidelity smeared with poison. And on this very basis can not only take narrow trails fighter for Vietnamese independence, but also plenty of interest to shoot from samples of the weapon.

This will help if necessary, Vietnamese security forces, staff representatives Cu Chi. From the very funny to watch as several young Americans with both delight and horror in the eyes of approaching the legendary "Kalashnikov", without knowing how to take a position for firing. Frowning Vietnamese instructors, surprised such a disrespectful attitude to the illustrious arms, literally "the fingers" show grandchildren of those who came here with a "fire and sword", the basics of small business.

True, after this shot a South Korean veteran, who came to the place of his military "exploits" in 1960. The opportunities for the free use of weapons is severely limited, so that no one is tempted to repeat the fate of the soldier or accidentally shoot someone else.

However, this is not the last "negative" for those who want plenty to shoot. Unfortunately, leave much to be desired and the target.Nothing in common with those that are used to train the security forces, they have not. And the price of a single shot from small arms remains relatively high: 1,6 dollars per cartridge. And although for the true connoisseur of bullet shooting is not a serious obstacle to the development of a "trunk", prices for the pleasure still unreasonably high. And while most visitors to Vietnam are not poor people, yet these prices scare away most would-be tourists "shooters."

In any case, Vietnam surprisingly resembles that of the beggar sitting on a mountain of money and not knowing how to use them. The fact that the whole country is one huge war memorial. It stretches from the northernmost border, where in early 1979 were killed 600000th Chinese army (not to mention the legendary Dien Bien Phu, in which the Vietnamese have dispelled the myth of the invincibility of the French Foreign Legion) to the extreme south - the island of Phu Quoc, where he was one of the worst concentration camps of all time.

Among the tourists there are many who want to visit these places and battle for a place to feel and experience something that passed through the Vietnamese and sent on their conquest of foreign conquerors. In addition, the tourist hotels along most of the Vietnamese coast, stretches for two thousand kilometers. To break it down into separate "military-historical zone" in small centers with its local details, where every tourist, not bothering to travel to distant Cu Chi, could quietly work out in their spare time swimming and shopping, special efforts is not required.

In addition, the judges of the "war stuff" offer to extend the "traditional range of the proposed weapons by mortars, grenade launchers, as well as the use of armored vehicles and helicopters, which would bring the country more foreign exchange earnings.

Whatever it was, in Vietnam there is a real chance to develop something that is still no other - the military-historical tourism, can bring in not particularly rich Strahm than one hundred million dollars of foreign exchange earnings per year. And for the foreseeable future, competition from Vietnam in this regard is not forthcoming. This is due to two major factors: on the one hand, perhaps no country in the world has such a rich and tragic military history, which could be tied to such an unusual tourism. On the other hand, the development of military tourism in other countries, interfere with draconian laws regarding weapons, due to a desire to protect people from unnecessary and sometimes dangerous, in terms of power, passion.

In Vietnam, similar difficulties and prejudices are not available, and therefore, if correct approach by the authorities of the country has a real chance to improve their welfare through the "war tourists." However, if this would not involve private business, the benefits of this will be enough. If the Communist authorities in Vietnam will attract business to business, including domestic and foreign, while not losing control over them, then the world will witness the birth of a new military direction of tourism.

Egor Dymov

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