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Retrieved on itself: as cheap to go to Europe (Part 1)

August 11 2006

Our wonderful trip planned for about a month, but lining it still was, so, dear readers "calculate your route to the smallest detail. Purpose of the trip was a world-famous festival Wacken , held annually in a small eponymous village in southwest Germany and collect up to 80,000 fans of heavy music. With my friend Alexander, we have visited many such festivals, and for me that Wacken has become the second in the career of a photojournalist.

The trip should take about two weeks, at a time from late July through the first triad of August. In connection with the passing this summer in Germany Football World Cup tournament, to get German visas in a timely manner was quite problematic. Application for review must be submitted per month, plus a week of registration.

By late with the start of this adventure (the German visa is one of the most trudnopoluchaemyh among the countries of the European Union), we decided to bypass option through other Schengen states. Such State became close to my heart, Finland. Registration of visas in this cute and has long been grown fond residents of nearby cities in the country - one of the most easily accessible.

The Schengen agreement gives you a unique right to visa-free travel within the 15 member countries. Having received the visa of one of these states, you open road in the following countries without passports view: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Sweden.

Suomi shall issue a visa in a week and we have made it for a period of 13 days stay. A month before departure we booked plane tickets one of the Low-cost airlines - cheap air travel. Ticket paid by credit card, including cheap visa electron (when paying choose visa). And so one month before departure the ticket cost us 25 euros, without taxes, constituting roughly the same amount (if you book tickets in advance for six months, it generally will cost 10.03 euros, while ruling the world).

Unknown Finland is open to the Russians

Unknown Finland is open to the Russians (Part 2)

Unknown Finland, is open to the Russians (Part 3)

Unknown Finland, is open to the Russians (Part 4) - Final

28/07/2006 Train from Moscow to St. Petersburg - 00:45.

He sat down on a surprisingly easy purchased reserved seat in St. Petersburg (440 rubles), we are beer, funny stories and snack began their fascinating journey.

By tradition, the sober on arrival to St. Petersburg (just kidding), we rushed to the bus station to go to the "daily" bus in the Finnish city of Tampere (1200 rubles). Alas, but buses run only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. However, most of our St. Petersburg's friends are still confident that the bus "daily." Station cafe we relaxed a bit, but the issue of planning was raised on the vine. The whole day we were looking for semi-buses in Tampere. Fortunately, the options "In" and "F" we have also had - we had to use.

After relaxing in the cafe "Villar" (a charming waitress waving a pen), and very upset because of broken dishes, we went to dinner at restaurant "At Tiffany's on pancakes."There, along with our friend Anastasia and her boyfriend, we had a good time in anticipation of transport to Helsinki. Sorry, but very good mead is no longer pour ... but in vain. Still working on the ISIC discount 20% - this is very bad for not the most expensive establishments.

Taxi in Helsinki, cost us 15 euros per person (and cheap bus departs from Moscow railway station at nine o'clock in the evening) and it has its pluses and minuses. Cons huge - sleeping uncomfortable, no water, no toilets, and of the advantages is it is very mentally and quickly pass the border.

The question of what to do in the Finnish capital at 4 am? Wandered among the drunken Finns and went to the station opens at 5.

07/29/2006 Transit Finland-Germany.

The train to the city of Tampere, namely, there is the airport we need airlines, who left at 6:12 in the morning cost us 20 euros each. We slept for about 2 hours, but on this night as much again in the minibus. Bus in this journey I like more ...

We watched the city itself is small, most of the time looking for the bus at some later, but it turned out, "Give a least some." At 9:30 am on the station we were early (the plane at 18:00), and at 16:00 it's too late, finally got on the 13:50 route number 61 and it cost us 3.5 euros from the nose.

Tampere airport is quite small, but it flies about five such flights RyanAir, their terminal nearby at number 2 and is located 200 meters from the bus stop. Having more control of luggage for two hours before landing, we sat down at a local cafe. Of course, buying Baltika № 7, 0.33 for 4,5 euro is patriotic, but in the end, we supported the Czechs and took a dark Staropramen. Russians at the airport was still the person 7-10, but we are not familiar, something they do not we all approach ... family men.

Our plane is one of the standard 737 model and was painted in blue and yellow colors. This was my first trip, and I even liked it, though most of the flight and we flew above the clouds and the sea. It's amazing to consider a huge metropolis with a height of one thousand meters.


Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is 100 km away from the business center of Germany. Arriving at 19:10 we quickly took their meager possessions (8 and 11 kg respectively), and, not finding even basic passport control boarded a shuttle bus service plying (bus) every hour traveler in Frankfurt. Comfortable bus rides cost 12 euros just over 1.5 hours.

Once at the central railway station at about nine o'clock it was necessary to urgently address the question: "And what next?"

To be continued ...


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