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Museums around the world: in the Netherlands - sex, and in Germany - Mouse Trap

September 7 2007

Some travelers do not like to visit museums, considering it a waste of time. No pleasure but the aesthetic does not get. And there are exhibitions devoted to the most unexpected things. For example, recently opened in Kiev unique museum of toilets - in the display are all kinds of indispensable everyday objects - from ancient to modern toilet pots with touch controls.

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The "Museum of the History toilet" can be seen miniaturnuyu kollekitsyu of 300 toilets and learn the history of toilets. A collection of souvenir bowls going for 12 years, and it has no analogues in Europe. Those who are wondering what is the popularity of this household items from manufacturers of souvenirs - a set of different miniunitazikov, as cigarette lighters, money boxes, tobacco pipes, as well as copies of the comic. Museum will be open from Sunday to Thursday 12:30-16:30, and the entrance to it is free.

Other unusual museums:

Germany. In the town Marktoberdorf rats per capita is much less than anywhere else. After all, the services of the town residents, the entire human experience gained in combat tailed. It is in the Museum Marktoberdorf mousetraps, which can be seen as the simplest traps of ancient and modern electronic traps.

Superiority of the number of non-standard museums firmly held in Munich. Some names which stand! Museum of odors, Castle Museum, the Museum of the Easter hare, a museum of cars with pedal control, the Museum of chamber pots, and many others.

Austria. Vienna is famous for its huge number of museums, ranging from traditional, such as the Kunsthistorisches Museum, whose building is in itself a work of art, museums, and ending with the burial accessories, tobacco, museum hours and bentwood chairs.

The most popular museum of criminology. In another it is called "House of Death", because there are descriptions of the criminals from leaflets to contemporary newspaper reports, photos, place of execution, court judgments and personal belongings of criminals.

Also, special attention deserves the Museum of the absurd. For example, a transparent case (for more convenient customs clearance ") or a special chess game for fans of strong drinks - with glasses of different shapes instead of the traditional figures.

Denmark. In Denmark, is Europe's first museum of potatoes. All the world's species of potatoes, antique garden tools and rural utensils completely free of charge can be observed in a small village on the island of Funen Otterap, 160 kilometers from Copenhagen. For herring to potatoes, however, have to go to Sweden in the town of Ornskoldsvik. In the local museum and conducted scientific work on the herring - more precisely, the reproduction of traditional Swedish way of harvesting herring. Taste, they say, special. However, the smell, too.

England. In London, in Bethnal Green, for several decades, there is the Museum of Childhood. He is very popular not only among children but also adults. This museum exhibits toys "of all time." There is a German and a doll with rosy faces, and painted the Japanese samurai, and Italian puppets. Much of the exhibition consists of works by British craftsmen.There is a division of stuffed animals (mostly teddy bears), there is a room where is a magnificent exhibition of antique dolls. All the "little lady" dressed in a real rarity - dresses, sewn 50, 100 or even 200 years ago. The museum and a department devoted entirely automatic toys - there you will see nodding clowns kilometers of railways and dancing ballerinas ... The Museum of Childhood is a whole herd of wooden rocking horses and toy soldiers army. In a separate room exposed to more than 30 toy house, the interior of which repeats the "home" fashion of bygone days. Department of Children's punishment - a most unexpected in the museum. The fact that schools in England until the last century, to educate students used whips, belts and sticks. Upon admission to some schools with pupils' parents even been charged rods.

Netherlands. It is known that the Dutch distinguishes a pronounced tendency to everything unusual and shocking. The collection of the world's first sex museum to visitors rather mixed feelings. Some argue that everything I saw them more amused than annoyed, while others revile the organizers of the museum's intemperance and vulgarity.

And finally, perhaps the most important tourist attraction of the country - the Museum of marijuana. Here the curious tourist can find all kinds of documents, photographs, studies, books and brochures on cannabis, to get acquainted with different varieties of this plant, learn how to use it in medical and industrial purposes, to admire the clothes are made of "hemp" tissue. Moreover, anyone can come across the little plantation, where the old, hippovogo form the museum will show you how to properly care for skittish bushes next potion. Fans of soft drugs may take the opportunity to taste the "kosyachok" immediately, or buy take-away seeds or seedlings ...

Iceland. And the only museum in the world of male reproductive organs located in Reykjavik. It exists, however, for several years - but still not got such a necessary exhibit, as a member of homo sapiens. However, in the near future tragic state of the museum will recover because they found a good man, bequeathed to the museum the most necessary. At the age of 85 volunteer quietly stepped into another world, and after the necessary processing valuable exhibit grace Icelandic museum. And the museum and gift shop with him are successful. Only this year it was visited by more than 3.500 people.

Masha Shibanova


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