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Visa issue - to decide for himself or through a travel agent?

June 5 2008

How to start any trip abroad? With passports and visa. Many will say that the independent tourist visa - almost impossible task. Most believe that it is perfectly true, and pass all visa worries in the hands of travel agents. As a result, the cost of visas is increased almost twofold, and troubles with the documents will still not be avoided. But in fact nothing wrong or complicated to go into the embassy itself, no. You need only follow the rules.

So, if you are going to a country for a visit that Russian citizens need a visa, first of all, familiarize yourself with the requirements of the embassy. Here's what you need to find out. Firstly, what documents are mandatory to provide for, say, a short-term tourist visa (usually this type of visa and requested). Secondly, how the record on delivery of documents. And, thirdly, how much is the visa fee and the currency in which it was adopted.

A standard set of documents consists of the passport, which expires no earlier than 3 or 6 (depending on the requirements of the Embassy) months from the date of completion of travel, the old passport (if it was), profiles with photographs. Each embassy has its own form, but in general they are all fairly standard and filling them does not cause any difficulties. Typically, the questionnaire can either be downloaded from the Internet, or take a right at the embassy and fill in place. But the photos are special requirements, such as the Embassy of Finland were asked to provide photo 3.5 x 4, 5, always with a light blue background. So be careful.

The next step - to prove that you have enough money for a comfortable stay in the country, and you have sufficient grounds to return home. To prove suitable certificate from the employer on company letterhead with seal and signature of the Director General (or the manager of the personnel department), indicating the position, size, salaries and dates of leave. Or the bank statement on the status of your card account (if you have credit card), also with a bank stamp and signature of the person. Either the bank will make a statement in five minutes. Also required insurance, operating in the country where you are going to go. Insurance can be purchased directly at the embassy. Sometimes require a ticket (or booking) Round-trip on a train or plane.

Finally, nail the program - book the hotel, which when independent travel replaces the tourist voucher issued by a travel agency. Fairly easy to book a hotel online, but can not always get a booking confirmation just in a form in which it requires the embassy. For example, to obtain a visa in most countries Schengen fit print the confirmation e-mail. And somewhere need to stay at the hotel was paid for, but somewhere it turned a blind eye. And, for example, the Embassy of Romania to provide the necessary fax, and even with the stamp and signature of the manager of the hotel. Therefore it is better to find out all the details in advance to the date of deposit of documents not to be trapped.

To sign up for delivery of documents can be either by telephone or via the Internet, if the embassy provides such an opportunity. This allows you to avoid queues, hustle and bustle. Thus, it is very convenient to organize work in the Embassy of Hungary, Germany and France. Otherwise will have to endure all, and the closer the peak season in this country (usually to Europe this summer), the longer queue.Generally do better to issue a visa in advance, say, a month before the proposed trip, it was not necessary then hurry to make an urgent visa, which costs at least twice as expensive. The very process of delivery of documents proceeding very quickly if the embassy staff there for you no questions asked. And if you have questions or something is in doubt - will be interviewed, which is also not scary. You only asked a few questions about the upcoming trip and its objectives, to probe about your life and work.

Visa fee can be up an average of 10 to 50 euros, and the period of production - from 3 to 10 days. Moreover, if a visa will be denied, the visa fee is not refundable, but you are entitled to apply again, of course, once again paying the required amount.

It is difficult to get a visa for those who do not have a passport or a single stamp or a mark on the refusal of a visa. Not so easy to get a visa in the Arab countries, such as the UAE, lonely unmarried girls. Very meticulously apply to every detail in the German Embassy. And the most difficult, they say, get a visa to the U.S., UK and New Zealand. But in reality, we should not believe everything they say. Not only that each person has its own unique situation, so once the visa rules in embassies all the time. But if well prepared, very carefully collect all necessary documents (better than less) and most importantly - be confident, get a coveted stamp in the passport is not difficult.

Tatiana Kozachenko


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