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Walking the road Psycho, turn a blind alley divorce ... - December 4, 2008

December 4 2008

Street Psycho (Psycho Path - literally, "path loonies") in the U.S. state of Michigan is officially considered a bearer of the most insane topographic name of America. However, it is not the only one of those that are doomed to be so wild names.

The fact that the owners of private roads in the United States have the right to register them under any name. And the combination of Psycho Paths, apparently, comes into their head quite often. This title can be found on the automotive map of the United States several times.

Strange glory goes round the impasse Divorce (Divorce-End), not far from careless lane in one of the small towns of Pennsylvania. According to statistics, every sixth inhabitant of this impasse been divorced at least once. Even at an impasse Divorce, until recently there were only 6 houses. Name appears on a map of the town for over a hundred years, so find out what that effect (the statistics on the name or the name of the statistics) - you can not.

But in 2004 the authorities of Pennsylvania have decided to dispel the infamous streets of people trying to build here and offered a new home with a big discount to several young families. Challenge the stubborn Statistics decided five pairs. And what do you think? Two years later, only two families remained intact. And one of the deceived wife even filed a lawsuit against the city authorities for what they settled on her "damn street" robbed her of family happiness.

And Tennessee is the passage Far-from-ass (translate for yourself). It was only on it can get to the ridge Constipation in Arkansas. Are there problems with digestion for those who travel this road - do not know for sure. But motorists are advised, as often as possible check your itinerary with a map: One wrong turn and can so zaplutat that to be in the ... In short, in the province.

In Georgia, there is a crossroad of Solitude (The Steet of Loneliness) and Severe Needs (The Beggar Street) - Two centuries ago this region were shelters for the poor and lonely outcasts. And in Houston, Texas, enjoys the singular glory of the intersection of Clinton Street and adultery (The Street Of Fidelity) - this is the main meeting place for local lovers.

All of these topographic bloopers were assembled at the contest "Wild, creepy and wacky place names." And all the "contestants" were tested on the cards, so none of them made up. Including the road with a horrible name Shadow of Death (The Road of Death Shadows), and the unpronounceable name Szkikzs (Szceekzs).

Authors unusual ranking did not expect that their homeland, the USA, so rich in topographical lyapami. According to them, like the name «Far-from-ass» could appear only due to ignorance and road maintenance authorities provincial towns. Most strange names associated with the legends and stories from the past.

For example, in one of the alleys of New York was once wielded maniac who kill, dyed hair of their victims in the green. So there was a lane of Green Hair (The Side street of Green Hair). A similar story and the road called "The Way thugs» (Way of the Cutthroats), where during the Wild West, a gang of criminals robbed the crew and train, and travel accident was hanging out on nearby trees.

> And when in our time the local authorities wanted to give the street a new, less ominous name, they are, oddly enough, have met fierce opposition from its residents, who staged a series of rallies under the slogan "Do not give offense to our thugs!" The fact is that notoriety attracts many tourists to the locals earn a good idea. So what Halloween is all year round, and all this only too happy.


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