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Gallop for Europe (Part 1)

July 3 2006

As before, we were getting a visa at the Embassy of Finland. Visa does not require an invitation! Can justify their trip to Finland as a tourism and events. Pretty easy to collect all necessary documents ( ), fill out a questionnaire, to pay 35 euros for a period of travel insurance, and 5 days to obtain a Schengen visa. The questionnaire is desirable to specify the addresses of several Finnish hotels. If you are not a resident of Moscow or St. Petersburg, then you have the right to obtain a visa for just one day!

Moving hitchhiking person not only moves in space and time, he vigorously exploring the world around him. Like a little child traveler at every moment makes any discovery! Our previous trips have shown that there is no better way to explore the country and the people living in it than a hitchhiker.

Arriving in the morning, Peter, just going by train in the glorious city of Vyborg. Such a path allows you to enjoy the beauty, the most European city in Russia. Ancient fortress, the interesting bazaar (with pirated goods), the beautiful architecture of old buildings, and bilingual populations.

On foot to cross the border is impossible. And I was asked to drive with one truck driver, who agreed to give me a lift. When the parade passed, he asked: "Am I happy man." To which I replied that until the fate of not complaining. Smuggling: vodka and cigarettes, is a common phenomenon, it is recommended not to fall. Your rate of a liter of vodka, 16 liters of beer, 2 liters of wine, 2 cartons of cigarettes.

Better on the Russian territory "Stopped" cars, because check them faster trucks. Finnish border guard may ask how much you have with them the money (if wrong answer can not miss). Need to call the number of days with the expectation of EUR 50 for 1 day - if you have only 250 euros, saying that the drive for 5-6 days. Purpose of the journey - a journey, it is advisable to call the event and "your" hotels:)

I quickly found Thrace, and within 10-15 minutes stopped Finnish dalnoboy. He dropped me off at 10 km from the capital Helsinki. When they reached the city, I wrote my sms Finnish friend and we agreed to meet at the central station. I meet Andy spend the night with him, and in the morning going to Turku.

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How to find a night and day, and friends:

Thanks to the development of the Internet fit for the night in almost every village of the globe is not difficult. Sites like: , and dozens of forums at your disposal. You can not forget about ICQ.

Turku - the oldest city in Finland. Appeared on the site of the Finnish trade settlements Koroynen, won in the mid 12 th century by the Swedes. Cathedral (13-15 cc.) Castle (13., Extensions 16-17 cc.) Trappsky former palace (19.). For a long time the city was the capital of Finland.

ri entering the highway, I started out as a conventional stop raising his hand. And here is my first encounter with the local police! Patrol car stopped and I went up, and gonyu blizzard "- I did not know I will not ... patrol leaves, and I continue to wait!

Stop on the highway is prohibited, and drivers at a speed of 120 km / h is not very convenient to stop! Better stop on the outskirts of the city. You can ask for at the gas station or at one of the last traffic light.

In Turku, I explore the city and later in the evening I go on the ferry to Stockholm.

Ferries: , . The cost of a weekday, about 20-25 euros depending on season (summer price). But you can take the ticket to the nearest intermediate station (ostorov), about 10 euros. Tickets are checked only at the entrance, and at night during the landing, you can be in a disco or somewhere else.
The ferry all neatly: cafes, restaurants, small casino, in a word all you need for a little moral decay! Alcohol and a bunch of drunken Finns.

As an option of moving to Continent to save time (and possibly related money) is the cheapest airplane flights (flight from Turku to Frankfurt in just 40 euro reality) - to seek out here

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Stockholm - the capital of Sweden.

I arrived in town early this morning. On the streets almost deserted. Compared with most European capitals, Moscow seems to be very small, little towns like Ryazan, Vladimir and others. Taking the train station a free map of the city, went up to the man to ask what would be interesting places he advised me to visit in Stockholm. A man was delighted, but said he did not know the city very well. We went together to his friend, who knew the city better. It turned out that they just returned from Thailand and live in two hundred miles from Stockholm. I learn everything I wanted. By this time we are already well razznakomilis, and one of them invites me to visit! Europeans are very hospitable people.

Stockholm - very clean and compact city, nothing more. On its territory there are over 100 museums! Three of which I visited. This is a national museum - a huge building, with lots of strange things: tables, chairs, household items, etc. and all that unusual shape on the third floor of the exhibited paintings.

Then the Museum of Modern Art. Modern art is generally a different story! But the most interesting - Vasamuseet - a huge old wooden ship, unless such can be seen that in films about pirates. This ship Swedes raised from the seabed, and make the museum, they are very proud of this historical exhibit.From urban (architectural) beautiful sights of the old part of town.

In the evening, coming to his friend, he is quick with the words "can come and go as you like, use the products in the refrigerator" leaves. Even a little strange: a totally unknown person, and once that trust. In the morning I will leave Stockholm.

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