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Fallas - meet the fiery spring in Valencia

March 3 2005

Otshumeli stormy February Carnival of Venice to Brazil, and the whole rollicking stream of energy passed by you? Did have to wait for next year? Of course not! There are many other holidays, which inflame the fun approach to the carnival, if not surpass them. One of them Fallas - Fire Festival, which is celebrated in Spain, specifically in Valencia. The culmination of the "incendiary" in light of the holiday falls on March 19, but the carnival riot begins in a few weeks, and already prepared for him at all for a year!

The main event Fallas - the solemn burning of the huge puppets made of wood, cloth, paper and other flammable materials. But this time preceded by a set of events, which are relatives Fallas with carnivals. Firstly, it is a real pyrotechnic parade, accompanied by fireworks, explosions of firecrackers and fireworks. Russian, who recently became addicted to a particular pyrotechnic gunfire, Valencia Fallas obviously will like.

Second, as befits a carnival during Fallas are plenty of competitions. Choose not only the two queens of the holiday - for children and adults, but also hold contests themselves dolls, designed to fire offerings. Best doll that sorry crowd, ugotovleno pride of place at the Museum of Fallas.

Among other things, Fallas - this masquerade. Valensiytsy hold sacred traditions and the celebration wearing dresses made from an ancient specimen. Traditional handmade dresses, as usual, should be adorned with jewels - pearls, coral and emerald.

True, modern clothes, in most cases are decorated with colored "glass". Carnivals - a holiday binge, during which believers are more tightly stuffed bellies before Lent .

Many Spaniards - staunch Catholics, complying with all the limitations of fasting, but Fallas still has its culinary delights. Of course, paella is not offered, but that's donuts with chocolate - a must! So it is, something to think about, a sweet tooth!

History of Fallas obscure. It is usually assumed that the holiday originated in those times when Valencia joiners burn the remaining trees in honor of its patron St. Joseph. But if you want to Fallas can uglyadet anything: the American Indian ritual fire, and terrible fire Inquisition, but which were burning witches, and Pioneer fireplace. Someone thinks that the Fallas symbolizes sacrifice, someone - it's the Spring Festival or the ritual of frightening off evil spirits. As you wish. Even the Russian carnival , where the burning effigies of - well, nothing Fallas?

We should also talk about dolls, which are burned at the Fallas. Their production - is a special skill. There is a whole shops that specialize in holiday fire. Dolls are divided into "adults" who are called - "Fallas", and children - "ninot. "Fallas" can reach giant proportions - more than 20 meters! Often the dolls parody various celebrities - for example, the mayor of Valencia - but nobody is offended. At night, March 19, first burn "ninot" and then "Fallas". In 1999 he was raised a record when it was burnt more than 750 "Fallas". I wonder what the firefighters during all this fiery rampage?

alias is celebrated not only in Valencia - it's one of the main festivals of Spain as a whole.

It is celebrated in over 40 cities, which compete with each other. In addition, recently decided to export the Fallas in the UK: in 2006 the fiery procession for the first time will be arranged in the county of Nottingham.

A little bit of money. Mark Fallas help many travel companies, even though you mozhetsh go to Spain on their own. On average, the weekly accommodation in a 3-star hotel in Valencia Fallas going to cost 700 €. Remember that hotels in Valencia at this time packed with not only tourists but also local, so it's best to stay in the suburbs, say, in Cullera - then we can meet and at 550 €.

And the last. Fallas feast is not in vain was born in Spain. Ardent temperament of the local population easily makes itself felt, and the holiday is often transformed into a fiery bullfight. So it is worth thinking about your safety and stay away from people with powerful firecrackers and homemade rockets.

In general, the festival is going on!


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