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Pilgrimage to the bicycle saddle. Project "Temples of Russia". Report.

July 25 2005

On the eve of late night parties have returned to Moscow Bike Ride "Temples of Russia". Mauntinbaykery traveled more than 100 kilometers and visited places where he lived and performed miracles Sergius Radonezh.

Despite the torrential rain and thunderstorms, none of the participants did not run off the road. Group of cyclists persistently move forward, overcoming obstacles, overcoming the dangerous track sections, in spite of impassable roads on rough terrain, heavy rain washed out and turned into liquid mud bog. It should be noted that even the Russian SUV Cowboy, which was traveling crew, made his way to work.

Tell me more, it all started because we, reporters Yoki, saw all their eyes, and accompanied the team throughout.

At 9 am Bike Ride, all participants gathered at the station Sofrino . From that moment, and began our journey. The weather was just beautiful, the sun was shining and the sky was cloudless. The first stop on the route - a village Tallitsy the ancient chapel of St. Stephen's Mahrischskogo.

In Tallitsah we expect to see a dilapidated chapel to remember what it photographs, but instead we waited for a pleasant surprise - the chapel was restored, and nearby is a cozy, monastic courtyard, covered in flowers. Now they live ten novices, along with Mother Superior.

The chapel is famous for its legends. On one of them, it starts from a mysterious underground tunnel, a length of 9 km. His dug monk Antony, who died and was buried here in the chapel. It is said that during the riot is here Strelets hiding young Peter I.

Historian Sergei Zvyagin, bicycle race party, told us that for many years the chapel was used as a warehouse, and then it converted into housing.
26 August 1996, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II gave his blessing for the restoration of the chapel and gave it to Stefano - Mahrischskomu nunnery.

It is also noteworthy that, in the churchyard recently appeared Martyrs Monument Elizabeth - a friend of the family of Nicholas II - stay with the royal family of martyrs until the last minute and to die with them. As told Zvyagin, Elizabeth was from an ancient noble family, but when someone like her eyes brutally murdered her husband, she becomes a nun.

Elizabeth was a friend of the royal family, she has always lived next to them and accompanied them on trips. She felt the tragic end to the last moment tried to alleviate the sufferings of the royal family, supporting them hope with your prayers.

In Tallitsah to velopilotonu joined a group of six persons headed by the popular leading radio "Maximum" Gennady Bachinsky. True, the bike got only three - Gennady, his friend and the girl Jack and the rest was accompanied by piloton on sky-blue van with advertising condoms. Funny guys were in the car were beds with pillows, laptops, movies and lots of beer.

The sun shone brightly, cyclists enjoying the fine weather and nature. So imperceptibly, we arrived at Rakhmanov and immediately rushed to the church of the Assumption.
According to legend, the Ascension Church stands on the site bivouac troops Dimitry Donskoy on the way to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.On their way from Moscow to the Monastery, Sergius and pilgrims used to do three stops: at Mytishchi in Rakhmanov and Hotkovo.

was built in 1802 on the site previously dismantled the wooden church of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius .

During the Revolution, the temple was destroyed and ransacked by the Bolsheviks, but despite this, virtually never closed and was only working in the district until 1988. The temple is a unique icon - one of the oldest lists of image Martyr Demetrius.

Our narrator Zvyagin told us an interesting story, is precisely here, in the back yard of the current Ascension Church and took the legendary warrior monk Peresvet fight with a huge and most powerful warrior Mongol-Tatar yoke Chelubey.

Mauntinbaykery - Bike Ride participants "Temples Radonezh, again set out. On the road lay the village Hotkovo , in which were buried by the parents Sergius - Saints Cyril and Mary.

It turns out Hotkovo with small, just a half-century, the age has ancient roots. Special place in his history takes Pokrovsky Khotko convents from which to start the city.
Pokrovsky Monastery was the first known documented settlement in the territory of modern Hotkovo. The history of the monastery is full of mysteries. Not know the name of the founder. Unknown exact date of foundation.

Historians agree that the Pokrovsky Monastery appeared in the first thirty years of the XIV century. In early 1330-ies here from the city of Rostov tried several families, among whom was a boyar Cyril, father of the future of St. Sergius. Shortly before his death in 1337 Cyril and his wife Mary took his monastic vows in Pokrovsky Monastery. Here they were buried.

In this monastery a monk and the eldest son of Boyar - Stefan, the brother of St. . Here, mourned the graves of my parents, Sergius goes "to recover the place deserted. He will find it in an obscure corner of Radonezh parish on the hill Makovec, where to begin ascetic feats and high service "Abbot of the Russian land."

Day still had promised us a lot of fun and new discoveries. Not feeling fatigue piloton approached Radonezh .
Upon arrival we learned that the place where now stands Radonezh, played in the life of St. Sergius an important role. It is here that the young man Bartholomew met the wise old man, who told him that he would be a great man.

Radonezh located at the base of the southern slope of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge on the left bank of the river Pazhi. Neighborhood of the city is very picturesque - gentle hills with flat tops, slopes are dissected by large and small ravines on all sides by solar fields, followed by dark dense forest of spruce, aspen, birch and alder, cherry frames the edge of the ravine.

From the story of our historian, we learned that Radonezh was founded in XI century settled along the Volga-Oka interfluve Slavs. This is evidenced by its name, which is the possessive form of the Slavic personal name /> Muscovy was sparsely populated, and therefore the responsibility of the governors was to also attract people to the territory within their jurisdiction by providing various incentives. While the rules of the Principality of Ivan Kalita and his son Andrew.

Perhaps enticed by these facilities in 1332 in Radonezhsky "all" moved with his family and relatives of Rostov Boyar Cyril, father of the child and Bartholomew, who later became the great bishop Sergius Radonezhskiy.
After the death of his parents Bartholomew, along with older brother Stephen , who by then was already a monk, went to a deaf Radonezh boron. The brothers began to conduct a very strict monastic life, founded a hermitage on the banks of the river Konchury and built a wooden church in the Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity Monastery was founded in Radonezh parish, and so imeeno for Sergius name stuck Radonezh.
Our trip has progressed according to plan, we arrived during a pre-planned place, clearly following a specified time. Well-thought-out route failures did not give. Project Manager "Temples Radonezh Maxim Grishin bike ride seemed too perfect, and some of us began to suspect that to happen something unexpected. And so it happened. Ahead of us were expecting solid adventure, and until recently no one knew where the same end our journey and where we find ourselves in a few hours.

In Radonezh thunder from the sky fell the first large drops of rain.
The most interesting thing started. To be continued.

See the gallery here . And it's not all!

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