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Active Leisure

Forest: survival kit

July 24 2007

For adherents of leisure with a knapsack or lovers poissledovat unfamiliar neighborhood would be useful to remember some advice on surviving in the wild, taken from the instructions for the American Green Berets and Rangers.

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- You are on the edge of a rocky cliff. The only way to escape - to climb up the wet, mossy, rocks. In this case, it is not recommended to climb into the shoes or go barefoot. Provide a better grip socks.

- You must cross a river with fast flowing brook. Proceed at an angle of 45 degrees against the tide. More stable position will give you a tightly packed bag and shoes. If possible, bring a pole, which should be placed against the tide.

- Are you tormented by hunger and food there. With rare exceptions, plants, berries and mushrooms, which eat the birds or animals are safe for humans. Try them. If after 6-8 hours of health does not deteriorate, we can eat it.

- If before the end of the road away, but the legs had already appeared worn, change their clothes and socks with one foot to another - it's a little easier your status. Socks inside out is recommended, since they tend to be more smooth from the outside. Fur better place immediately seal the plaster or impose on them a tight bandage.

- You start to choke and go blind from the smoke of a forest fire. Lie down and crawl to a safe place, tightly hugging the ground. Air at the very grass relatively clean from smoke.

- Soaked boots or shoes should be dried in an enclosed space at a temperature above 40 degrees. Well pour into a hot sand or fill dry moss, hay. Over the fire to dry shoes are not recommended.

- Soap may be replaced by washing the clay, bean broth (1 kg to 5 liters of water), a decoction of wheat bran and plants - Evening Primrose, adonis, ravens eye, mustard, - the roots, which foams when dissolved in water.

- If you face a swamp, remember: walkable areas, usually covered with old dead moss and peat. To impassable areas usually increases sedges, seedlings of aspen and birch trees that say about the weakness of the upper layer of the swamp. Impassable areas can be seen immediately by floating on water vegetation (zybunam), as well as reeds or cane. Be sure to cut down his long pole.

- Do not try to catch and eat rodents inactive in the steppe and desert areas. They are usually sick tularemia.

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