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"This is someone with gorochki down ..." or how and where to pass on a "board" on snow slopes

December 12 2007

Winter came, the snow fell - it's time to get up on skis. And who of the two boards under his feet a lot - approved by boards. And it does not necessarily go to the mountains - in the capital of their slopes is also missing.

If you do not want to go far - welcome to the Krylatskoye, Kant (Sermon), narrow, or at the Sparrow Hills. Slopes equipped with everything necessary, including equipment rental, cafes and instructors. A place in the suburbs just an incredible amount - a few dozen! Most of all praise Sorochany, Wohlen, Yakhroma - very pretentious resorts for lovers of comfort. Slopes covered illuminated, even in the snow-free winter road carpet by snow cannons, in addition there are paragliding, cafes, bars, billiards, ice skating, paintball, hotels, spas, and other pleasures, but it works this winter happiness into the night. As good tracks in Stepanova and Sergiev Posad. And yet, "Shukolovo" - a traditional Russian national team training camp in alpine skiing and snowboarding

Now understand, how many have a ruble for equipment lay out. In principle, it is possible and in an old jacket and two pants split down the slope - just turning this does not increase. You can of course, the same shoes at the box office take, but its something it is dearer and nearer to the body. So consider:

  • Shoes snowboarder - from 4000 rubles
  • Pants vodonepronetsiemye winterized - 2000
  • Jacket - 1500

Do not forget about safety: protection, helmet, gloves and goggles - for all that will have to pay even the order of 4000.

All of the above can also be found with a "b \ y" - is much cheaper. But there is a risk of running into poor-quality clothing.

Now, what matters most - on the boards. This stuff big set sold in stores, with the hands (b, y) and rents. All boards are distinguished by the following characteristics: lengths, design (CAP and SIDEWALL, also known as the "sandwich"), the material skolzyaka (Extruded and Sintered), the core material (Wood Core and "Without Wood"), on the form (Directional, Twin ), riding style (freeride, freestyle, Station Wagon, Boardercross, carving, etc.) and even sex! Yes, yes - there are special boards for girls. No, not glamorous pink with rhinestones - just for the convenience of riding the ladies, in connection with certain structural features of the body.

All boards are divided into two categories: hard (rigid attachment + special plastic shoes that look like ski) and soft (soft mount, and soft boots). The first is used to riding on the groomed slopes - it's either free riding off-piste (freecarve), or sport (en-route), skating, slalom.Myagkie boards - snowboards for freestyle and freeride. This is a board for those who place great importance on tricks and riding style. They can ride on virgin soil, in havpaype, jump from a springboard and depart from the eaves.

From this abundance and diversity of eyes run. But it is only at first glance, everything is difficult. Importantly - to clearly understand the purpose for which you are buying a "board", and then the most important thing is to decide on Rostovka. Is for this method to measure long boards and growth. One theory is that the board should be up to the chin, so there is a mathematical method - with special formulas for calculating the length of the board. But there is a simpler and more nezamudrenny: Each manufacturer shall indicate in their catalogs recommended rider weight for each board. It looks like this: 56-72 kg (sometimes the weight specified in pounds, but more often both) and, accordingly, recommended for the operation board. Pick yourself a board that length, you get about halfway. But anyway - the council with a friend, or an experienced user snowboard at this procedure is a must.

p align = "justify"> On average, a new board costs from 4 million and almost to infinity. Experienced snowboarders are advised not cheap, and spend thousands of 7000-8000 at this unit. Not to forget about the mount - an average of 2500. Although, in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, there are numerous stocks at discounted rates, and a full set of snowboard boots and fasteners can meet the 7000 wood.

At the box office on the hillside for a similar good fortune will have to shell out from 300 rubles per hour in just one snowboard. You can hire a whole set for 500 rubles a day - enough to season, many firms are engaged in renting ski equipment.

And now - to study, study and study again. Get up and go - just will not work.

Beaten off the fifth point, stretched muscles and tendons, dislocated joints, and face in the snow - Weekday beginner snowboarder. Instructors joke that "teapot" is separated from the pros for two days.

From the first minute on the slopes should find out what the front foot, that is - standing in front. Usually just enough to remember what stood in front of the foot when the school years you all a bunch of drives off the roller coaster, competing who will drive the entire trip standing. Which foot down from the hill going - that and the front.

And a few comments for beginners that would quickly adapt. Your knees should always be slightly bent, should look away, not feet. Generally, riding on the board promotes rapid weight loss and acquisition podkachennyh muscles. The most common mistake a beginner snowboarders - which stands parallel to the snowboard slope. Man machine otsazhivaetsya on the back foot, while snowboarding is completely unmanageable. And yet it is very important to remember the rule: fell on a slope - a quick crawl so as not to disturb the movement and make this a little, a lot.

And now briefly about the instructors: one hour sessions on the slope to shell out from 400 rubles. For an individual - about 800 rubles. There are also complex and far-reaching educational tours under the name "The course is beginners," consisting of three classes in a couple of hours in the community instructors, equipment rental, lift the ropeways and challenges from 4500 ruble per person.

When, after the simple and smooth hills adrenaline into the blood flow stops, and want something more - pull in more serious exploits. If you simply ride is boring, you can fly, jump, fabricate all kinds of feints in a more interesting tarssam. And if you really feel the professionals themselves - even in the competitive disciplines of snowboarding can face off. And such Nemer - from halfpipe, which can be seen in Moscow on the slope of the sports club "Kant and the ski park Wohlen, to slalom and Extreme. And there even before the Alps, a stone's throw - before the most famous slopes.

Elena Pakhomenko


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