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Started the expedition on Lake Baikal: the first sensational finds

September 9 2005

As we reported earlier, from 9 to 12 September at Lake Baikal is the ethno-ecological expedition to the Cape Ryty. It is held under the UN program aimed at the preservation of Lake Baikal as a World Heritage Site and is supported by the Government of the Republic of Buryatia. The initiator of the expedition is "In the fantasy world" under the informational support of Internet publications and

Among the guests - the famous explorer, Orientalist - Andrei Polyakov, one of the best captains of ice of Lake Baikal - Alexander Burmeister, head of environmental education of the Baikal-Lena Reserve - Victor Stepanenko, head of the expedition - Maxim Patrihalko, ethnographer - Elena matchmaker, president of the Federation of winter swimming - Alexander Tolstoukhov .

The main purpose - research, preservation and revival of traditions of ancient peoples, formerly inhabited the area of Lake Baikal, with respect and harmony relation to the natural world and their world.

Today, of the Strait Olkhonskiye gateway to Lake Baikal The ship with the expedition on board. The route runs along the western shore of the lake through the village Onguren, where participants will meet with local people to collect ethnographic material.

From the event said party of the expedition, the chief editor of the resource Andrey Polyakov:

"Billabong Anga first place visited by the expedition. Here we saw the rock inscriptions in one version, dating back to II - III century BC. This conclusion was domestic archaeologists are doing with their impressions in 1925. According to the second version - it's more ancient drawings, which may be five or even ten thousand years BC. Such a conclusion is made a member of the expedition Victor Stepanenko.

State of the monument can hardly be called good. One part of the wall collapsed, and another carried off the "new Russian" for their own needs. Nevertheless, we managed to find lesser-known labels. They showed us Alexander Burmeister, who has lived all his life on Lake Baikal.

What is interesting is depicted on the rock deer - the relic, they had long since disappeared from the face of the earth. Comparing them with similar figures in the so-called "deer stones" in Mongolia, Victor Stepanenko, concluded that their age is also close to the tenth century BC, that is, to the late Paleolithic period.

At the point where we have our rock inscriptions have two unique mountain is very important to the local shamans and peoples practicing shamanism. They were made of stone and resemble the rounded pyramid. Five years ago, restored the ancient tradition according to which shamans come here from all the surrounding areas and even from abroad to stand in a circle and pray for the future of the world

In the village Onguren people live somewhat different from the drill, including the language of communication. They are loyal to shamanistic traditions and live in harmony with nature. From them we received interesting information about this land and then we proceed to the Cape Ryty .

Cape Ryty - one of the most mysterious and private places on Lake Baikal - is located on the territory of the Baikal-Lena Reserve. Settled here since ancient times, enlightened people who knew about the power of healing waters of Lake Baikal. Located on the Cape a whole system of stone structures, which have not yet been studied in detail. By assumptions, there may be some link with the British Stonehenge, construction of stone could have astrological value of an ancient tribe kurykan.

legends about these places - sacred, and they have a "ban" on a visit. One of the specially invited members of the expedition - a hereditary shaman Valentin Hagdaev. His task in the mission - to carry out all appropriate ceremonies, not disturbing the harmony of tradition and those places.

We will continue to monitor the expeditions and to acquaint our readers with the secrets of the Baikal land.

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