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LADA Revolution: the absolute triumph of the Baltic Sea

September 7 2005

From June 27 to July 30, 2005 at the famous Lithuanian resort town of Palanga, situated near the Baltic Sea, have been the traditional competitions "Horn Grand Prix 1003 km". Feature of the current race is that it was attended by Russian race team, our riders piloted sports prototype LADA Revolution.

Russians Vadim Kharlov and Vitali Dudin brought to the start of his war machine, which has already seen a lot this season, the domestic National racing series LADA.
Russian car opposed to the more powerful Toyota, AUDI, BMW, Subaru, Chrysler, LEXUS, Porsche ....

The total length of the route - 1003 km, which is 335 laps, during which allowed refuel, change drivers. The race itself takes about 10-12 hours, for its progress has traditionally followed the order of 100 000 spectators and 500,000 television fans.
Most of the Lithuanian fans of motor racing equate his race to such legends as «Le Mans» and «Nurburgring 24 hour». In general, each race becomes a magnificent show, which includes a lot of concerts and presentations.

General Organizer of the National Racing Series LADA Vladislav Nezvankin: "For AvtoVAZ is a unique and effective way to promote brand LADA in the rapidly developing automotive Baltic. Support our team, serving on the LADA Revolution, will have an official importer of AvtoVAZ in Lithuania UAB "AUTOVYARSLO Automobiliay.

The main racing action began on Friday, July 29. It was on this day, the qualifications, which brought our riders from the team «Maxmotor - Ulyanovsk fourth place on the grid. The next day at 11.15 race started.
Passed one o'clock tense race, 44 behind the range - the Russians steadily hold on fourth place. After another hour, Ulyanovsk, the team can break into second place. 108-second range. «Maxmotor» stubbornly clings to second place, ahead of only the team «Oktanas-Snaige 1" on the Porsche 966 GT3, which left the site at two laps ahead. Behind our - two of Audi and BMW.

This disposition is maintained to the finish - LADA Revolution won a convincing victory in the class of vehicles A1600 and won the silver medal in the overall classification «HORN Grand Prix 1003 km». According to many experts - is an incredible success, because our car had to fight monsters from the class of A3000 and A3000 +.
I note that the race was held in appalling weather conditions - heavy rain, smashing down the wind.

Vladislav Nezvankin (NHS chief organizer of the LADA):

What is a long race, you all, I think, well you know. 10:00, 1003 miles, 38 cars, among them a lot of power: British prototype AMG, Porsche, winner of last year - four-wheel drive Audi RS 4, and so on. We are, in fact, there are those heroes who made this victory. We - the first Russian team, who spoke on the Russian car in the Baltic countries over the past 15 years and made it a sensation. From what all of us and congratulations.

Why car team Maksmotor - Ulyanovsk took part in an international race?

Vadim Kharlov:

We, the team Maksmotor - Ulyanovsk, first gained LADA Revolution in 2004. Together we hope to develop the Russian motor sport. There was a proposal to participate in the 1000-km race, and I accepted it.

Was there a special refinement of the combat sportprototipa?

Vadim Kharlov:

p align = "justify"> The very LADA Revolution went to Palanga immediately after the stage in St. - Petersburg, it's absolutely standard car version of 2005. Technical part of the additional improvements were not required, not counting the installation of additional tank, which, unfortunately, led us on the track. We had to stop off at a pit stop to refuel more often than our competitors, and it affected the result - we finished second in the overall classification.

How to meet the Russian team in Palanga?

Vitali Dudin:

We arrived at the invitation of the official importer of AvtoVAZ in Lithuania JSC «AUTOVERSLO AUTOMOBILIAI». When we came to Lithuania, the teams - participants was a light shock. As I understand it, Russian athletes have not seen it. Initially, our car is treated with irony, but at the end of racing came with congratulations, giving us for granted.

Tell us about the weather?

Vladislav Nezvankin:

During major races on the track hit the torrential rain and hail wind. Our pilots - Vitali Dudin and Vadim Kharlov - managed to recoup it in such difficult weather conditions.

Vitali Dudin:

Nothing boded calamity loomed ordinary cloud. Pilots on the track changed every half hour. Vadim Kharlov found the first drops of rain. On my arrival, a real storm broke. The visibility was no more than a meter. At one point I thought that glass is foggy. When I opened it, I was struck such a stream of water, that I almost choked. This feeling that I dove headlong into the pool.

Guided by cars, which have drastically dropped the course, virtually stopped. Strong wind literally blew the car off the road, I had to hide behind the car rivals, wait for the right moment to emerge and then again to hide behind the next competitor. It is difficult to say how long it lasted. It seemed to me an eternity. On the trail went Safety Car (car safety), and when the storm began to subside, I noticed that only this car shares my safety and the leader of the race - Porshe 996 GT3 Lithuanian team "Oktanas - Snaige 1.

In the West, is the practice of installation sportprototipy engines completely different manufacturers and different volumes. Are there any plans to put on LADA Revolution liter engine?

Vladislav Nezvankin:

Do not forget that we are a brand of LADA. As they say where they were born, there is amiss. Echoing the chief designer LADA Revolution Andrew Ruzanova, I say: What porshivit Porsche and mersyachit Mercy, decent and patriotic debug fret.

In a nutshell - your association with the «HORN Grand Prix»?

Vadim Kharlov:

It was a victory.

Vladislav Nezvankin:

It was a revolution.

Maria Pavlikova

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