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Outdoor fun: throw knives by Tiffany - July 6, 2005

July 6 2005

Summer. Sun. Duch. The wife cooks dinner. Mother-in-law weeding the beds. Minor dug in the sandbox. Grace. What would this do an honest gentleman. Of course, to go kill something, dig up, fix fence. But what if all things altered? You can take a crate of beer and threw in a hammock belly up. Option, but boring. Outdoors is fun and interesting.

Once throwing knives are not considered fun, but rather equated with serious fighting skills, and it was the prerogative of the military. With the advent of silent firearms, the need for such an ability has decreased. The art of throwing knives left in the arsenal of enthusiasts and circus stuntman.

Today the interest for such a pastime to arouse the inhabitants. Not surprisingly, the domestic fishing knife again gaining momentum. Choice sharp projectile flying is increasing day by day. To see this, simply visit a specialized knife show "Blade", she twice a year, is held in the capital of CHA.

If before throwing weapons have been impossible to buy for fun (its turnover was banned in Russia), now anyone can buy a set of knives that are certified as hozbyt, while having decent "Flight" features.

In the manufacture of these toys has succeeded the company "Russian darts, its stand a constant success on the" Blade ", due to the fact that it, anyone can try their hand at throwing knives, under the strict supervision of an experienced instructor.

Of course, the range of throwing knives is not limited to products called the company. Simply price-quality "in the" Russian darts "seems most appropriate.

Fans can save you recommend a Chinese product. Recently appeared on the knives Viking Norway, which decent fly, but quite cheap.

When choosing a knife, you need to pay for it the following characteristics:
- The proper balance. If the knife is designed for throwing the handle, the blade should be more severe. The balance point should be located approximately in the middle of its length. If the knife is designed for throwing a blade, then its center of gravity must be located within 2 and 5 centimeters from the start arm
- The knife should have sufficient weight to pierce a target
- The knife should be long to throw the shot could control.

In fact, this general recommendation. A competent manager in the store will be able to choose the most suitable for your knife.

It makes sense to buy at once three or more blades, so as not to run after each shot to the target. Also be useful to put on the handle some bright paint, so that the knife can be more easily found in the grass. In principle. If desired, a knife can make yourself, the web can easily find an appropriate guide.

Target hard to do. Block of wood needed to get out of soft wood about 30 cm in radius, napilit kruglyashi of them, for example, six of them and trim them to get the squares. Then you can put on each other for three in a row, to strengthen the horizontal cross members, nailed to the construction of the "legs" and dig somewhere for a bath or a shed so that it rises from the ground a meter and a half. Stand better constantly wet with water. In wet wood knife is better.

How to hold a knife

img hspace = "10" src = "/ img/3201.jpeg" align = "left" border = "1" /> If you roll, holding the handle, the blade should look in the direction of the stand, the handle is in the hands, four fingers hold knob from the bottom, providing a path for escape a knife from his hand.

The plane of the blade should be kept upright, in the moment of the knife from his hand to throw it hard and fast. So that he seemed to have slipped out of the brush. The handle of the knife is convenient to cast up to two meters.

When throwing long distances to take the knife in a plane blade, cutting edge outwards. Throw is the horizontal arrangement of the blade. Otherwise, the cast of the blade is practically no different from throwing the hilt.

It must be remembered about the distance. When throwing a knife by the blade from two to twelve feet, he should make a half turn, the handle with five meters or more, a knife should make a full turn.

To throw a knife to make a step forward, while relegating the hand with a knife up and back, and then smooth motion to direct it towards the target. Knife should slip out of hand in that split second when you feel that it is aimed exactly at the target.

In this case, do not forget about safety measures. A stand must be placed away from children and neighbors. In addition, a failed roll knife can rebound in your direction.

If the entertainment will go beyond mere curiosity, the skills of knife throwing can be improved under the guidance of professionals. In Moscow, the Society is doing to promote target throwing knife 'Free knife'.

And most importantly, do not forget that the mother-in-law being curious and may appear in the most unexpected moment. For example, occur right in front of the stand. She was also wondering what are you doing for the bath. So that be careful, do not miss a ... target.

Zastrelnoe entertainment for the new Robinhood and Amazons: bows and crossbows .

Константин Дятлов

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