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In pursuit of a UFO on the towers, silos and wagons. Lovers of urban games is dedicated to

December 4 2007

The command to start was given in 16.00. From point "A" takes us to the machine. In the hands give read, printed on three sheets of A4 size. This is a "legend" classified as "Top Secret" tells the story of what we have to chase for the top-secret facilities for a certain Sergei G., who decided to get to the truth related to UFOs.

- We all go to the streets of Liberty. There had to find a red light and further guidance where to go, - says Fell.

We passed the Ring Road and rushing off into the night outside Moscow.

Actually, it's not crazy notes on the cuffs straitjacket. This is another urban game that unfolded in the vast near Moscow on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Eighteen teams of four each, without sparing machines, shoes and precious time to sleep on the weekends, worn with lanterns on the predominance of search identified at the tips of places and painted signs.

Fundamental differences games FallOut # 3 of many other urban games somewhat. Firstly, it is very long, fourteen game. Second, all objects except the first, located outside Moscow. Third, participation does not necessarily have the staff and coordinators, as well as to know the terrain, such as in the same "Watch". Assignments are designed so that players need maps, compasses, skills, orienteering, GPS-navigation and Internet access. People at least once played in the Challenge, the skills learned in the course of those games are useful. The same way with him in the crew is to have brains, skill, excitement, not fear of heights and closed spaces, lights, insurance of climbing equipment and cameras. Another difference FallOut `a - it yourself" location "where the hidden signs and clues. It's abandoned buildings and other very extreme objects.

Object of the second. Tower found at the specified coordinates 55 ° 43'37 .92 "Cm, 38 ° 9'23 .76" Bg. Not far from the platform the 33rd mile. To check before us three conventional transmission line towers, next to that nasty buzzing wires. At the top of the towers are the signs and hints. Storm height climbing boys, dressed in camouflage. Not for dyuzhego Ponte or beauty. Simply comfortable and warm. Camouflage is not dirty, and if the breaks - not sorry. Climb the tower in the frosty some do not like. Cursing how much in vain to the organizers, the cold and adventurous character, the players were taken note, with an indication of the kind of "Area 51" in the area designated as the destruction of farms.

There, in the wreckage and the ruins just had to find the coordinates and further instructions. The inscription on the wall says that Sergei was arrested and taken by car to a train between the train station Elektrougli "and" 43 km ".

Running through the snowy field to an entire parking lot of forgotten and abandoned cars are not wanted. Among them are ottiskat single with the word "home". Race on the platform, the roofs of cars. Focus on the signal rockets fired orgami. Then all the fireworks fired from the heart, and in the process it was possible to enjoy the beauty of the urban landscape and the device boxcar inside.

But the road back to the car, it was decided for some reason cut "diagonally." On his error, we learned much later. But when the soil under our feet became soft and unstable, and the left leg fell through the cold mud and water almost to the knees, the brain immediately knew that we stand in the middle of the swamp, part of which is not the way gurgled in the aforementioned shoe.

Swim here, many unsuspecting members of anything. After a number of players running around on the objects in some carriages diminished.

In fact, the game could this be logically complete. In the frost out of the car in wet shoes is simply unthinkable.Eventually Announced us organizer done focus entitled mad dog seven versts not hook "- fast ride from Podmoskovya across town and back. On road mobile organizations not for a moment silent.

- Good morning! - Welcomed callers players Fell.

- We then enter these coordinates, and Google sends us in Africa!

- No, Africa is not necessary. Look for the better.

- Fell! We bin for 40 minutes looking for!

- Look, look, we ourselves 3:00 searched for ...

- Tell me, where there is the code? Well, what does it say? ...

- Not vegetables there find very easily. Yes, I do not remember what is written there, in the same inscription of ten lines!

Any tips - all to be honest. Any concessions to the players - otherwise the game just loses meaning.

At this time, other teams have been preoccupied with finding one of the most interesting objects - "a secret laboratory Pushkino, located next to the bunker and the nearby military camp. This old tumbledown bunker where sometime located office missile guidance. The road there - it's just another story. Briefly, finding her in forest and driving along her Any machine feels jeep.

Approach to the bunker - Towards fly two, all in camouflage, in Burtz, with radios and flashlights in the forehead. If you do not know that there is a game, you might think that you got into a zone of special forces training activities. The whole tank is penetrated by light from diode lamps. The search for signs, clues continues. When at one point going to a few commands, you must not only find the sign, but did not give his location to the other team. In the pillbox was found with a video disc, containing a hint - it was filmed by a route on which the players must pass. But the street name can be decrypted by yourself.

In a military town neighbors manned and dilapidated houses. Wat a dissonance. Or decadence? No time to reflect, time to go further and seek the city Bogorodsk. A city on the map of Moscow is not, but Yandex suggested that this is the old name of Noginsk. The finish is almost here. Only three of the object, the trash of which - treatment facilities and dams.

Wastewater treatment plant sent across the street maestranza. But such a Noginsk not. Again, encryption - maestranza in Italian sounds like a "collective". Code on the treatment plant was painted inside the pipe. Dam of encrypted hexadecimal system. That is, instead of letters, participants saw a set of digits that must be translated into a letter grade system. Even without a mathematical turn of mind, the sound of water, wafting from the dam, it was possible to understand that escape must be there. And what would be photographed against the backdrop of the code on the dam, required a rope harness. So in limbo players shot past the signs. One major conditions was not only find sign but and photograph on its background, on distance not more meter from him.

Game over. On finish came 13 teams from 18. Five were removed. Not all the time to declassify all the objects and find all the signs. After the counting of votes will be declared a triple winning teams, who will receive cash prizes. After a sleepless night sleepy. For all the time no power engineers do not even need - the body produces adrenaline itself.

While going home, elicits from the organizers of the secrets. Now it is already possible.

Game scenario, that is, the legend says four people. Objects looking through Internet then themselves inspect on security. Riddles games at complexity inspect each other. Some objects are broken or sometimes a few days before launch, or right in the game.

At this time it was necessary to remove the tower, a height of 200 meters.A few days before the game, the object was surrounded by a fence and the road to the tower became impassable for the average passenger cars. Likewise, instead of searching for a red light bulb in the river station, participants were required to read a note in the newspaper read "I am looking for extraterrestrial beings for the institution of friendship. Intimacy does not offer "and go to the station in search of this cell with the code. However, a note is not issued on time, and cells with combination locks were not found at any station in Moscow.

Such great games do not happen often - about once every two to three months. Exactly as much time is required to have invented the game, find and check the objects to paint signs. A more "lightweight" version occurs every week on Fridays, in some clubs - on Saturdays.

And do not ask me - why adults at the end of the week to prefer to climb on the bins with flashlights and look weird encoded characters, not going to drink tequila to the nearest bar. It is impossible to explain in words and the average logic. This should be a time to try, or at least see it.

Elena Pakhomenko


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