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"Ethnolife-2005" through the eyes of the hunter for the exotic - 3

August 3 2005

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"Ethnolife" has many faces, but despite this, you can meet their domestic exoticism. It seemed to me quite unusual presence at the festival guys from the union of "Gladiator." Rather, they simply present on some military-historical event, where the rattling chain mail and swords whistle.

As I have already told me great interest replicas of antique jewelry at the booth of association. I have long considered the bracelets with the Slavic and Scandinavian ligature, it was nice to feel in the hands of the echoes of the past. But leave the lyrics, I promised to continue a conversation with the head of "Gladiators" Ivan Osipov.

- The basic structure of our business - is all that is connected with the history. Full cycle-dressed man, equip, furnish its charms, amulets, and all that is required. Moreover, we present a historical fencing.
- Do you have to solve the legal side of making weapons?
- It does not pass on the standard weapons.
- Who are your customers?
- Completely different contingent. Starting from some people who want to decorate your house with unusual things, and ending with the representatives of the theater and film. Many times we shot ourselves in the movie and made to order uniforms.
- And in what movies you can see?
- The last "shadow boxing". A film crew working in the Vyborg Castle, there was a chivalrous view, that's just in it and we have participated.
- You, too, are taking part in demonstration fights?
- That was before, but now I teach historical fencing.
- Many want you to do?
- Judge for yourself, we are constantly being trained about a hundred people and about three hundred and change annually.
- Fencing difficult to master?
- If you prefer, you can learn any thing.
- How were established techniques that you teach?
- Restore something hard enough, in fact, many techniques that are present in Mechev battle on - large saber and too late.
- Skills fencing may be useful in life, such as in a street conflict?
- A person having such training, changing world. He already knows what to expect from the enemy. Ongoing work with the weapon in the Shell - tempers. This is a real man's sport.

Ivan and I said goodbye, agreeing that we will meet and prepare a large-scale material for historical reconstruction. And he went on the hunt for interesting people.

I do not know how they ended up on an ethnic festival, but my eyes did not deceive them. On the ground in front of one of the pavilions of the wonders of acrobatics demonstrated mautinbaykery. On their bikes, they soared, almost under the same sky, where all sorts of dress and somersault to the applause of returning to the mortal earth. Look at this action could be a long time, but professional duty, drove me to further explore vast expanses of the festival.

At one point c Altaic gifts of nature I met Dora Khamaganova spokesman for the public spirit and Environmental Center for Folk Traditions "Baikal".

Naturally I immediately asked about the activity center. And that's what she said: "Among the people who sympathize with us, there are representatives of different faiths. Need to respect the religion and laws, morals, ethics, traditions and customs of any people.Etnofilosofii through knowledge, mentality, psychology, history, folklore - your inner world becomes richer. Of course, youth is also of interest. This is evidenced by the experience of our communication with the clubs of historical reconstruction, Tea Club, the Slavic Cultural Center and other communities in which young people take an active part. " Full interview with Dora, you can read a little later.

Once again the search. My attention was attracted to a man with a bicycle adapted for longer trips. Surely he traveled a great distance on purpose to fall to "Ethnolife" I decided, and appealed to the stranger with questions. It turned out that this is Dmitri Romanov, representing the Russian Cycle Touring Club ":

"I arrived at the environmental form of transport - a bicycle to look at the diversity of ethnic culture. First impression - amazing. Just took off for the camera Chukchi ritual dance. Particularly pleased that the atmosphere at the festival rather easily and naturally. "

Wishing Dmitry pleasant experiences I decided to eat, took a vegetarian meal, the other was not, had sat down for lunch and then "boom" was heard the sound of a shaman drum. Spellbound, I left a plate almost untouched and went to find the source. I found it on a small stage. Tuvan group Shig Yi played a wonderful folk-rock blend of rhythm & blues, traditional Tuvan songs and shamanic rhythms. And it together, though apart from a sound engineer. Jaw and dropped. It seems that all of their speech, I listened, motionless, and decided for themselves bound to take the kids interview.

Meanwhile the evening came. I returned to camp, put away the recorder and decided to take a nap. Faced a sleepless night, because all the fun at these get-togethers happening just at night. I slept for two hours and woke up from that on the street someone was practicing in throat singing.

Finally, forgetting the dream, I got out and was surprised to see that my neighbors in a tent just a group of musicians from Yr Shig. What luck, a sin not to learn. Vocalist Team October Saaya has kindly agreed to an interview:

- About "Ethnolife" We learned on the Internet, written for and sent us an invitation to speak. We play a special music. She was born in the mountains in the forest, prairies and river valleys. Its roots in shamanism, our ancient religion.
- Throat singing hard to learn?
- Born in Tuva rose on it and it is easy to learn throat singing. Music education it is not necessary. Tuvan music is sublime, because we sing about love for their land.

Oct. told, and I thought about the true benefits of the festival. Gathered here are different people, among them was not a little curious interlocutors who have something to learn. October exceptionally interesting told about Tuvan folk music, history and culture of its people. Our conversation, I can not publish for several reasons right now, I'll do this later.

Night fell. Sleep is not desirable, nor possible. On the one hand a dozen beat synchronously in there, Tama, with another group of "Hare Krishna chants, with a third very strange people jumping wildly around a bonfire and just yell to the loss of pulse under someone's booming command, to respond to them as loud" Our Father "is read.

Still, I'm conservative, so we went to the fire, there is a pair of guitars around the fire settled down rock 'n rolschiki, Max and mouth-organ and just neighbors in tents. Cozy and familiar songs.

Morning, we met a hoarse and quite sober ... Thank you, "Ethnolife.

Read:a href = "/ entertainment/03-08-2005/4479-0"> night conversation with a performer of reggae and this rastamanov, guitarist Paul Yombono Sun Music (Cameroon)

Also see "Ethnolife-2005": photo.

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