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Russia-Latvia. The decisive battle with the dwarf

June 3 2005

June 4 at the stadium "Petrovsky" in St. Petersburg will host the crucial matches the Russian national team in qualifying the 2006 World Cup. Rival of our team - Team of Latvia. This meeting will be largely decisive for the Russians - the loss will be virtually identical to the early farewell to the World Cup in Germany.

Head coach of Russia Yuri Semin said: "We have nowhere to retreat, and all have been aware of this."

I think not need to remind the events that occurred in our team, and throughout the Russian football in recent times. Change the RFU president, change the coach of first squad of the country. And this at a time when the qualifying campaign is literally hanging by a thread. One look at the standings enough to understand that we ran out of jokes for - begins a serious "house". In the group of leading teams of Portugal and Slovakia (between spectacle equality). In third place with a lag of three points just us.

What is the alignment of that? While we will fight with Latvians, the relationship between themselves and the leaders are expected to investigate the qualifying group, Portugal and Slovakia. And winning one of them is very into the hands of the Russian national team. Subject to their own victory and the "favorable" outcome of the parallel match, our national team will be able to reach the coveted second place. A final second place it is missing the World Cup.

There is, however, in the current situation around and around the national team and some pros. To view them, look back at the previous qualifying round to various tournaments.

ECH 2000. As a result, sensitive "taxi" Anatoly Byshovtsa, the national team turned in a disastrous situation. But after changing coaches, our team has changed, the team on which all given up, spread its wings and the single breath was all the qualifying round. Almost all of ...

ECH 2004. The team, led by current coach and triumphed again was on the brink of the abyss - followed by a change of coach - a series of great games - exit at Euro 2004.

So maybe now this happen? The arrival of Yuri Semin shake up the players and they all end happily? Hopefully, we get sick.

As already mentioned, the big football decided to conduct in St. Petersburg. St. Pete fans, not spoiled by bright football matured soup, going to the Russian team a great reception. Tickets for the match swept in the first days of sale. Side rivals the prescribed 10% of the total tickets allocated capacity stadium.

So that the Latvian national team without the support of the fans will not. Latvians fans to avoid various aggressive antics delighted with the Russians to guard reinforced police patrols. Law enforcers are preparing, apparently to the fact that Russian fans will remind Latvians about the moral genocide of Russian citizens in their country, that veterans make secretly celebrate the anniversary of the Victory and hiding military awards. Recall and the desecration of memorials to Soviet soldiers, Nazi marches .... And as it is expressed - is unknown. In the meantime, as a simple Russian fans, and rabid fans quite peaceably disposed towards visitors.

Here's how to answer some questions:
1) What do you expect from the match Russia-Latvia?
2) Will there be any additional implications of the match, besides the fact that this is largely a crucial game? Indeed, in Latvia against Russian committed discriminatory antics ...

Arkady (CSKA fans):
1) Yes, I think the team again with a new coach will play 03/02 and again on his same level falls.Generally team should start playing - now the other part, Semin certainly "under him" it will do. A must win, and then the whole world scene will lose.
2) I think the guys, the players should get together and show. They should take revenge, as it should.

Dmitry (fan Dynamo):
1) In general the team did not expect. If you win - great if the losers - will not be disappointed. Despite the fact that a new coach, many new players hope to win is still needed. Let all who will be at the stadium, support struggling.
2) The subtext, I think, will not. I am completely against what would be all sorts of political affairs shifted to sports. Sport should be a sport, and if necessary to clarify the relationship Latvians - let our government do this. I'm generally for the fact that there was no discrimination in the stadiums. And if some small countries behave poorly - it should deal with our government. While they sit in silence - so be it.

Alex (a fan of Dynamo):
1) From the match waiting for only victory. We should all get Semin. At the tournament itself, I think, do not go out, and with Latvia will be no problems.
2) I think this will be expressed in the stands in the form of banners. I think so.

Oleg and Mikhail (CSKA fans):
1) We are waiting for the victory at the beautiful game. A good coach, new staff, the enthusiasm of the cup winners. We believe not only in victory but in a good, positive game, which will give all our fans to be proud of his team. She should have. The fact that the first game he has always traditionally played well. We always have a new coach: two or three games and then again a failure. So what about this game, we almost have no doubt. And the only hope for victory. Hopefully, the team will continue - we will not guessing - let's hope.
2) It's their problem. Sport and politics are two different things. If there is a subtext - is among those who live in politics, but we play live.

But how to answer the same questions a great basketball coach, president of the Professional Basketball Club CSKA, Alexander Yakovlevich Gomel:

1) From this match I'm waiting for only victory. Yuri Pavlovich great coach and I think he has great experience, to join a team he can. I think in psychological terms, his character, his knowledge of psychology and a great coach to help. True, I said to him: "You rushed a bit, would have given until the end to the coach who has worked to drink this cup. Then you would be guilty if you lose one game .... He said: "Well, someone has to take risks."
2) Definitely not.

Maria Pavlikova

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