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"And this is only the beginning: in the extreme hike He and She ...

September 2 2005

She ...
This is the beginning is not mine. But I like it. So be plagiarism. Who cares if you like it? And anyway what is "mine", "not mine"?

And in the morning, sitting at the mirror and trying in vain to disguise the "temples" in the eyelashes (that's all it is - the pass!), I remember how it all began.
- "Would you go?"
- "And why not? But why? "

Age-old question (in the former interpretation - "on a fig?"), To which the answer or not.

So the question is asked. Response as is usually obtained. And the loss of virginity, and of turning bitter radishes in tomato. Supposedly the answer. In fact, it is not clear anything. Only within the ever-growing desire - to slyunok mouth. And with it all abruptly rolled fear. No Fear. Vymorochennye, different and all the worse by the fact that in any way with them rasstaneshsya. They are overgrown with all new parts, turning on all sides. The most scary - why change the conditions and may return one?

And at some point been on the brink - to abandon this ridiculous venture! But no decision has been made, and only for a moment imagine - do not go - it is impossible. Horror as you want! And the worst is the thought - that no one ahead.

Save, of course, taxes. In the cares and troubles a little forgotten. Gloves, shoe covers, sleeping bags, a battery to the camcorder, an ice pick. Oh, snowshoes! Well, of course - this is the nail of the program! How we will run fine in the snow, almost falling. There are snowshoes specifically for racing, but we choose the easier - with a backpack still strongly scatter.

They are so handsome - yellowish «special equipment» (special equipment that is), upakovochka super easy - even now on the cover!

But the week comes to an end. Wires. Vodka, herring ... All my life forget.
Finally the train. Long Goodbye - unnecessary tears. Insanity. Am confused. Barnaul.

The first stress. Forgotten in the train ski poles. Without them, the route can not be helped. Well, the train was standing in Barnaul, 5 hours, and good companions were caught. The driver grumbled a bit, they soothe him, saying nothing - who do not happen.

And the first lucky - sticks in place. Conductor: "What sticks forgotten?".
Gorno-Altaisk. Fears of being whipped.

"Where are you this, kids? There's a storm has passed - the snow piled up. "
"And in the mountains of frost then abruptly will!"
"Where?" And what do you, do not watch television - what's going on? ".
But the experience is - you know already, that will leave on the trip and everything goes. Would like to be. And what will happen nobody knows. And thou shalt make a decision on the situation.

Finally, let's go. The driver of the Aktas, quiet - no Ohoven and poisoning substances. Thank you. Only at the end: "Telephone remember - I have it easy - 711. All sorts of things. Just in case. " Remember back about changing the "conditions of return." Cast out the idea, the order of boring - this time for good.

We go through Chibit and further along the familiar route to the May hike. After a warm comfortable bus unusual and hard. Again rolls fears - Will the. This is not May's "resort"! Helped all the way on the first note of Igor hike. Ayulla gone!

We stopped for the night in a log house. As usual - the first few days it is difficult to deal with things so far in the head and the backpack did not set a specific order - are products, first aid kit, washroom, toilet paper, socks, gloves, etc. While - gimp.


The next morning, as promised back in Moscow, clear calm sunny day. But do not say that simple. Perhaps the most difficult.By the number of injuries that I have done to themselves - without a doubt, the most-most. And frostbitten fingers, and "light" under the eye, and bruises on the legs do not count.

We're going on a journey to the pass Oroya. Fear of physical failure to fully climbs out of all the cracks. It will take place later, when there will be nowhere to go - forward. Meanwhile, way back is not so far, doubt "Patience - Patience is not?" Do not leave. But at the same address as you realize that your fears are only in your head. That night did not sleep - all represented, as will pass the bridge over I feel, perforated through and through, recalling how the May group went on it and we watched from the top, curled into a ball. And go it was like nothing better to do, there's your fears!

But to reach the bridge was not easy. According to my favorite screes, but straight from the tin into the bargain - the consequences of the earthquake. Art control alpenstock I never mastered - and in vain, would be useful. Thank Horn - helps in particularly difficult locations.

Next - a small area of track, and we go out to the river Oroya. What kind of silischa in mountain rivers - in such a cold and not freeze. Run themselves, murmuring, where under the ice, and where looking at the surface. That would be frozen - and that is easier, go your way and go. And then have to think, to walk, not to swim.

The rise is very steep, especially considering the first day of the journey. Clamber, sometimes on steep ice. But a brand-new ice ax tested.

We go for a long time, we have to choose the road. Where is the bed where the bypass. But all the up and up.

Meet the hunter. According to him, to pass 15 minutes journey. Side by side, elegant place to sleep. Pine. River close. Cheers, stop. The joy of graduation day route with nothing comparable, and timeless and is stronger than the unexpected moment the finish, which determines the Horn.


The next day, it is easy to get up and climb. But passes an hour or two, and pass all not shown. That meant a hunter when he spoke about 15 minutes. Or they have another dimension of time? Snow very much and loose it - dropped recently. Snowshoes do not help. With them get even harder to walk because his legs to pull harder. Must pull on themselves. Thinking about getting rid of them, come more and more insistent. Stops only Horn - be sure to come in handy later on. Now I can say that almost did not come in handy. We smuggled them across Altai as an ensign.

Finally - the pass Oroya. Take out my camera - it's time to start fixing the stages of our journey, although the survey is given with difficulty - frostbitten fingers do not work and mittens to shoot is not very desirable.

Down goes downhill quickly and happily. Ahead - a plateau. According to the plan we need to cross it today. Stirs the hope that the plateau will be easier to go and we get to the end point of today's route - r.Shabagi.

Then we rush downhill. We stopped to check directions. Compass lying? Our compass direction - the opposite. We get our second compass. The same result.
Hence, we go in another direction, and will return. But now it is up. And on the slope. Burnt pancake, how hard to go. By the knowledge that this could not be, it is sometimes unbearable. Where did the former ease? It turns out that was not the pass, before he even need to reach. 15 minutes for the local aboriginal for us turned into day journey.

As a result, by the end of the day, exhausted, reaches a plateau. Happy one: the plateau crust is sufficiently dense - you can finally wear a decrease - reset snowshoes (how did they bother - this nail, which is already in the liver!).

p align = "justify"> We hope that the next day will be easier. This hope tomorrow will be better than yesterday, "visited in the early days. Then it became clear that every day is good in its own way and brings its test and zamorochki.

On the night of the plateau Eshtykkol, trying to keep warm and dry through wet socks, putting them alternately on the hands, feet, under the eerie wind gusts threatening to blow the tent, dimly aware, this is reality or a dream, I saw a bright warm sun, and wondered, as possible. Fool. Again, trying to understand. Enjoy and rejoice, greysya in its rays.
We - are not alone.

Continued here.

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