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Bungee-jumping: fly-i-i-i-and-and!

February 26 2005

Perhaps you've heard about this sport or are familiar with someone who loves to leisure siganut with some attic. Nevertheless, when we look at bungee jumping is harder than it seems at first glance. Bungey applies to the whole family, the common name is jumping. The beginning of this phenomenon put plain, known to everyone jump rope.

It turns out that the usual jumping can do almost everything. Enough to get a skipping rope desired length. But the more modern types of jumping already are subject to far from everything. For example, a BASE-jumping is parachuting from low altitude - all kinds of buildings, to which few dare. Ancestor of BASE jumping was skydiving. But unlike his bass-movement because of the limiting factors of risk (the starting height for a jump - 30 feet) is prohibited in many countries. In Russia, this kind of extreme sport to prominence thanks largely passed in 2003, the First Moscow International Festival.

Bungee-jumping is a cross between the usual jumping and BASE jumping, but has its own character. We have presented, in general, a variety of trampolines for children. But in Europe and America has in recent years an extraordinary popularity among adults. Typically, a bungee jump is as follows. Man (possibly not one), having tied an elastic rope, jumping from an open platform / ledge at an altitude of several hundred meters down. Then he spent some time due to the elasticity of the rope writes plain pas in the airspace.

Favorable difference of this exciting activity - it is available. Ie feel themselves Icarus anyone can. For example, a jump from the bridge allows anyone, from the age of 18 who does not have obvious physical defects or excess weight. For starters, you can train on a special bungee installation height of a few meters - get used to the feeling of freefall and feel the power. Then, entrenched in his overwhelming desire to argue with gravity, to move to the balustrade of the bridge is 50 meters in height for a stronger impression.

How it all began

Bungee jumping originated centuries ago in the South Pacific - Pentecost Island, Vanuatu. The pioneers of this activity has become a man of local tribes. The action symbolized a rite of testing the strength of spirit to the younger generation. Also, it was intended to promote a good harvest. Local Aborigines for their own purposes, used vines that entangled his feet of the subject.
"White people" interested in the experience of the islanders in the late 70's (April 1, 1979, to be precise), when the first was made the jump from a bridge in Bristol, England. Starting from that time, extreme jumping gradually began to win fans not only in the old world - in France and Britain, but around the world ...

There are many types of bungee jumping. They differ not only in the rope fastening methods, and ways to jump.

The method of attaching the rope

Mounted Torso
The rope in this case will be secured in the abdominal area (center of gravity), which you have the opportunity to perform acrobatics and speed. In addition, you remain free mobile limbs - arms and legs. However, when you first jump you will not be up to sophisticated.

Fasten legs
In this case, there are variants: one leg can remain free.But as a rule, both awry. Do not worry if the instructor will offer an additional attachment (it is borrowed from the practice of climbing) for insurance. This does not prevent you enjoy the feeling of free fall, in contrast, will feel more confident. If you manage to properly grouped at the bottom of 'dead point', then after a rope for the first time spruzhinit, the next fall will be able to dive like a swallow.

Fasten your hands
Frankly, this option is not recommended because you should be prepared for it not only morally but also physically. The fact that it can lead to dislocations and fractures, as the hands, as a rule, in ordinary life are not used to maintain body weight.

Ways to jump

Swallow dive (Swallow dive)
The most common jump - just your arms to the side and dip into a bottomless bowl of heaven, rushing toward the ground. By the time the rope will stretch, having exhausted its length, you still will inevitably pull down the force of gravity, and braking will be soft. Feel every cell of his "blind spot"!

Dive back (Back dive)
In technical terms, to perform more complicated than "swallow" and the first time usually does not work. You must configure as important here a lot of courage for the most jumps and, depending on the type of mount, the correct behavior in the air. In the "blind spot" correct position "leg-up".

Leap from the fence (Railing jump)
It is common when jumping from bridges, where there is fencing. Instead climbeth through it, you're at it takes away. Two people insure you from behind, but the basic steps you perform ourselves. Relying on colleagues who hold the balance, and, seizing the moment, making a breathtaking jump.

Step with the tower crane (Top of cage)
Venturing to make a jump to the top of the tower itself, you not only get an unforgettable experience, but also significantly increase the risk shlopotat on the head of the superintendent's building.

The fall of the bat (Bat drop)
This option is ideal for indecisive. You Visna upside down, clinging to their feet for any bar - so that you become like a bat asleep. Then, when tired to hang, and his feet would not be able to keep you - stumbling strive downwards.

Changeling (Elevator)
When the first jump rope legs are intercepted, and the length of the rope end, you naturally will turn upside down. It should be a reservation - the instructor is simply obliged to verify the matter of which made the rope - it must be rubber. Otherwise, you can upset the instructor, broke his leg.

Stilts (Pogo)
If the jump is executed with fastening rope on his feet in front of you opens a great opportunity - being in the "blind spot" in a standing position "head-up", grab the rope is blown. If you're lucky, this maneuver is over minor burns on his hands. If fate turns out to be less supportive, then we can get broken wrist or fingers.

Skidyvanie (Thrown)
All by myself, but myself. And friends for? Carefully sgrebli and carefully folded.

Touching the water (Water touchdown)
You can try to calculate the length of the rope so that when jumping from the bridge to enter the water. However, we must take into account body weight, type of jump, calculating the error, calculate the percentage of elongation of the rope ... Do not always go smoothly.If you jump into our rivers and bays, can run into the broken bottles and other garbage. And if the waters of exotic countries, can be a snack hungry alligators or piranhas ...

Circumcision (Cutaway)
Starting position - you hung on a rope, one end of which is attached to the fastening your belt, and the other fixed on the floor of the bridge. Just parallel to cling to a traditional elastic rope. Due to mounting you are at a slight angle (approximately 45%) relative to the site. You may be facing a person as to the ground and into the sky. The main thing - do not look at the rope, which are cutting your caring colleague. Focus on the sensations.

Tandem (Tandem)
Two (or more) people jump simultaneously. The spectacle is really wade because the flight may encounter or become entangled in someone else's rope (there are too few, by the number of jumpers). Also, one of the jumping at the start may linger, which certainly will have its effect on output.

Sandbag (Sandbagging)
Here joking aside. This is really dangerous. You jump to any makeweight, which must release only the "dead point". Once the rope bloom, all the energy is released will give you - and you will fly above the point where started. And if you have over a concrete floor ... Better not even imagine what you could be.

Summing up all these descriptions, the need to replace that script with a happy ending is not always maintained to the end. So you have to be neater, comrades.

How can jump:
- From bridges
- With construction cranes
- From the roofs of buildings
- With flying balls
- Helicopter
- With cable cars

Among the extreme sport bungee jumping has found its rightful place, and lose it, do not seem to intend. If we are unable to fly, then, at worst, you can always jump. Bungee clubs already exist almost everywhere where there are fans of extreme sports. Moreover, that the diverse extreme long passed into the category of commercially viable projects. With the correct formulation of the case.


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