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Vladimir Beschastnykh: "In Turkey, after losing in the restaurant is better not to go - can kill!"

March 21 2005

During his career, Vladimir Beschastnykh changed many clubs - Moscow "Spartak", German "Bremen", Spanish "Racing", the Turkish Fenerbahce, Krasnodar Kuban. Since last year he was in favor of "Dinamo" football school where he once finished, and which wants to win another one, the fourth gold medal of the Russian championship.

- In the first match of the Russian Championship Dynamo lost a large Zenit. What is the cause of such destruction?

- The second half began to play carelessly, have made serious mistakes in defense. In the first half, the dangerous moments were at the gates of an opponent. If beaten, it is not yet known how it would all end. Well, nesygrannost prevented. Still, we have, in fact, a new team - a lot of foreign players who have yet to get used to the Russian conditions.

- So, the trouble Dynamo foreign players?

- No. A large number of foreign players - the norm in modern football. Here at Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United mainly by foreigners.

- What are they like in life, your famous Dynamo Portuguese - Fresh, Durley, Dani, Tiago?

- Normal guys. We see that the newcomers have come in Dynamo with a serious attitude, hard work. And at the same Derleya, despite winning the Champions League and UEFA Cup, no star disease. One feels that he is ready to play and score for the Dynamo.

- During his career, you have changed a lot of teams. Are they home? The one about which we can say that a team of your life?

- Russia is, of course, "Spartacus." Did you forget scored with four and two Cup championship of the country? From foreign clubs will highlight Werder. That's where I first encountered this professional football, he met with an outstanding coach Otto Rehhagel.

I remember, was stunned by that freedom, which in Germany provides the players.

There's no one ever looks at what the player beyond the football field. There is no pre-match fees for evening home games to come to the stadium straight home. And generally stay in Germany taught me a lot. I watched the German football - as they train, how to prepare for the match. Then it all to me was very helpful in my life. Remember, there was a time when I was not allowed to play in the Spanish "Racing", but the Russian team Romantsev was calling me. I came and scored. Because he knew how and what to do in order to approach a particular game in optimal condition.

- Do not spare that had gone from "Werder" in "Racing", where the Paraguayan coach Gustavo Benitez you almost a year left without football?

- Oh, if only to know in advance how things will turn ... Yes, and I went from Werder after the resignation was sent Rehhagel, but with a new coach Ademosom I put it mildly, have not found a common language. However, the problems were with him in the team. Just then, and received a proposal from the "Racing", which at that time relied on the Russian. The team has long played Dima Popov, Dmitry Radchenko. It was they who advised me to move to San Sebastian. At first everything was fine. I've played, scored ... But when I left the "Russian" club president and was replaced by Miguel Diaz, the trouble started. At a difficult time for me I just remembered, and "Spartacus" and "Bremen", as there I was fine.

- Several years ago you started a lawsuit with "Racing", and at the end of last year a Spanish court ordered the club to pay you a penalty of 30,000 euros. Money until you have reached?

Almost all of the money went to my agent, with whom we have sued, and to me there are only something for nothing. Well, that although moral compensation received.

- In the Turkish Fenerbahce, where did you come after one and a half seasons in "Spartacus", with you, too, treated unfairly.

- There was a deception. First promised one thing and when I arrived - all have turned out differently. Guide Fenerbahce sang songs that we will fight for first place in the team play football the world level. In fact, all the "stars" from Fenerbahce to the time left, because there has long had problems with money. In general, half went to waste. Neither your normal game, not a normal coach, but no money at all was not. Turkey is a peculiar country in general, and a foreigner to live there very difficult. Of course, football in this country love to, but attention from fans too annoying. In Germany, for example, in this regard is much easier. We Werder champions and almost did not, and almost from the Bundesliga not flown, but none of our fans from one extreme to not rushed. In the days of setbacks the team and players are not abused. On the contrary - kept.

- And in Turkey, probably the players after defeats drove around the city?

- Well, this is not reached, although conflicts occurred. Sometimes sitting with his family at the restaurant and to you come and say, looking ominously: that the team lost, and you're there to enjoy. And people did not explain that, in addition to football, there is another life. Well, if lost, does not there?

- You are still the top scorer of the national team, although long for it not playing. Do you think you've ever invited to the team?

- Every player on this hope. I am no exception. But as it happens: you play for the club itself, everything seems normal turns, and you call in the national team. Time passes, you go on to play at about the same level, but also invite some reason cease.

Clearly, all in the hands of head coach, and only he knows which players fit his model of the game. Therefore there is no sense to build plans for the team. We must first of all to play well for the club and see what happens.

- Recently, our national team does not shine. You do not shiver creeping when I think that Russia lost 1:7 Portugal?

- I believe that nothing about this match picked up this hysteria. Each team are unpleasant minutes. Portugal scored five goals from outside the penalty area. They have - that no strike, the ball is in our gates. None of our team and to blame something or what not - all fought, and not serving the number. Simply, it was not the day the Russian team.

- Now in "Dinamo" a lot of newcomers from Portugal. Did not discuss with them the game?

- No. I am the subject distasteful. Now, if our team won the Portugal 7:1, then it would be a pleasure to talk.


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