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Water aerobics - the shortest path to the ideal figure

August 20 2007

Long been recognized that water - the ideal environment for exercise.

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Water aerobics strengthens the body, improves flexibility, stretches muscles and ligaments, burns calories. Water aerobics classes allow us to obtain not only a great benefit, but also a lot of fun. It is noteworthy that water aerobics is available for everybody without any restrictions.

What is the use of physical exercise in the water? We all know that body weight is immersed in water, less than in air. So when we're up to their necks in water, our weight is reduced by about 10%, thereby significantly minimizing the negative impact of active exercise on your back, knees and ankles.

Where to start water aerobics classes? Before training necessary to do a little workout and stretching. It prepares the body for the workout and will help avoid any unpleasant sensations in the muscles after her. As a warm-up can be a couple of minutes to run on the bottom of the pool in the medium term, actively helping himself with his hands.

Newcomers, yet not know how to properly approach to training, are not immune from the ordinary and muscle pain due to excessive load or improper running technique. All these drawbacks are absolutely devoid of aqua-jogging - jogging in the water. And by using special belts that keep the body in the water and do not let it go down, we did not touch the solid surface of the bottom and all the movements are performed as if in a state of weightlessness, thus reducing the likelihood of any injury to virtually zero. Therefore, training in water are suitable for everybody, regardless of age, weight or physical fitness. Unlike terrestrial species fitness and sports are no contraindications. Everyone can train with the intensity of the individual. And even at a low pulse of the benefits will be great. After all, to stand in water, we spend 80 times less effort than standing on land. But any move would give us 80 times harder. Imagine how much effort it takes to simply walk along the bottom of the pool.
If you are unable to attend group sessions in the pool, you can independently learn a few simple exercises that will improve the activity of the heart muscle, strength and flexibility of muscles and will be an invaluable aid in the fight for a beautiful figure.

Here are a few options for water workouts:

1. Stand sideways to the right side of the pool (river or sea pier), clutching his right hand over the edge. Gently transfer the left leg up and down, backward, sideways, describes her semi-circle, raise and lower the leg, bent at the knee, etc. The same, rising to a side left side.

2. Stand face to a side, clutching her hands over the edge. Alternately lift the back straight and knees bent legs. Pulling the body, follow Mahi feet up and down. Several times vigorously repel back and forth from the side.
3. Rising back to a side, do some exercises, "bicycle", "scissors", mahi feet.

Engage in water aerobics can be not only in the pool, but in a natural basin with clean water and a low current. The ideal depth for a workout - 1,6 - 2 meters.

Irina Kapustina


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