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Curling irons or on the ice

February 14 2005

Three years ago, watching with interest the events of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, millions of Russian suddenly surprised to learn that "our" pretty good play in the country and nothing on a similar game called curling. Of course, about the round Kamenyuki who ride on the ice, vigorously rubbing their trajectory following brushes, we have heard before. But here before our eyes, this anecdote is rapidly turned into a serious sport, and fashionable entertainment.

It is believed that the birthplace of curling - Scotland. In this country rich in lakes, curling was invented already in the 16 century! Today, curling is widespread in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, the United States and other countries. In Russia, the Highlanders game yet mastered in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vologda, but every year the interest in it is growing.

Curling - a cross between bowling and billiards. Compared with bowling, curling more "intelligent", here is important strategy and ability to decipher plans of the enemy. And if you compare with billiards, the latter too "selfish", while curling - a team sport, and much depends on the coherence of players. If you have a desire to learn this fascinating game, remember the following:

The basic equipment for curling
The main shell game of curling - a "stone". Made it out of granite and weighs no more - nor less than 20 kg! Actually, the thing is expensive and rare in our area. Please note that from the very strong shocks stones may break up, they may chip handle, they can roll over, etc. From the ability to accurately guide and tighten the stone, but also expect the impact force depends on the outcome of the game.

The most exotic thing in curling - it looks like a mop synthetic brush, which "sweep" that is rubbed with the ice. As a result, "svipovaniya" a thin layer of water that increases the sliding stone. The unusual brush for curling is that it can rotate in various planes. "Obsvipovyvat" brushes stone can the players of his team and players from a stranger.

There is another important fixture - shoes. To the ice in this game are very careful, so players will wear special shoes: on one leg - the slider, but on the other - "antislayder. "Slider" facilitates the slide (for its manufacture are often used Teflon), and "antislayder" slow slip.

Rules of Curling in general
The game has traditionally involved two teams of 4 persons. At the professional level, there is division between men's and women's teams, but at the amateur level, gender is not important, and the number of players, in principle, too. The game lasts 10 "endov, each of which played out 16 stones (8 from each team). The aim of the game is to place as many of their stones in the center "home" and knock out his opponent's stones.

Each curler on the team has the appropriate title. Main - is a "skip", the team captain, which determines the tactics of the game. His assistant - vice-skip. "Two other players -" svipery.

Draw - cast, whose goal is to set the stone in the house without any contact with the opponent's stones.
Take-out - a throw, which aims - to knock the enemy out of a stone house. In this case, the stone or remains in the house ("Stay"), or goes out ("Clear").
Freeze - a throw in which the stone is placed close to the stone of an opponent.
Guard- Stone-defender, who put before the house and prevent the opponent.

Unfortunately, in Moscow, yet virtually no place to play curling. In the capital there are few professional curling clubs - "Planet of Ice", ESVSM "Moskvich", "Impulse", "Union". Average price for 1 hour of play in these institutions - $ 30. In addition, if you're playing for the first time will have to undergo special training, which is also worth a king's ransom. However, in future the situation simply has to change, because the ice structures now being erected accelerated pace.

And for those who can not wait, I suggest the following. Find the nearest ice rink, dress warmly and take swabs, weights, frying pans and irons. If you are extreme, can be worn by Scottish skirt. By curling, of course, will have no direct relationship, but it takes a lot of fun for you and everyone around!

Igor ROMs


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