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Russian Dream of Dmitry Gubernieva

May 9 2006

American dream to get rich and become famous at any cost sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev contrasted his dream, which he calls the Russian one. Finished ahead of career athlete, Dmitry once broke on TV, where nobody was waiting, and still works to a complete self-abandonment. simultaneously his leadership RTR entrusted to comment officially opened the Games, and his emotional stories can hardly be confused with work colleagues.

In his free time shooting swims, runs, plays soccer, is engaged in recreational walking and tempering. Has many fans and admirers among the viewers. Is by far the most promising sports commentator and a very prominent figure among the TV stars (which is not surprising when it is growing two meters!).

- Dmitry, during the Olympics, our athletes represented Russia, and you were the voice and the eyes of Russia in Italy. What is the feeling left after the Games?

- I want to about athletes who have extracted medals and put them in his heart and soul, do not remember every four years, and pay constant attention. Now the world championship in figure skating goes quite young our team. None of the champions and winners of the recent Olympics there will not attend. And it's great. Yes, we do not win everything. But we'll see those soon to grow in terms of sports and will flash at the Olympics in Vancouver. We're going to show these events on the channel "Sport". Someone thinks it would be interesting. And I think that this - superinteresno.

- Were you predictions for the Olympics, and if - yes, dashed any hope?

- Forecasts had been for those who, from my point of view, nothing about the sport. Competently done the Germans, they said: "We won the team event." Have taken and done. I have no doubt that Russia will perform well and will be among the five leading countries. As a result we ended up in fourth place. 8 gold awards - very good. Larisa Dolina felt that should have 10 medals. Where it is taken is unclear. And I did not do any predictions.

- A wise man once said that the Olympic Games and, more generally, any events associated with aggression and a desire to establish themselves at the expense of the weaker. Do you think that maybe we do not participate in the Olympics, more like war than a sporting event?

- I do not agree. Sport - not aggression, although in recent years often becomes just that. But I think that the lists of those we fight. Not until the last bullet, cartridges, we will miss, as well as people. Losses will be minimal, as is the case with dust. And then I think that this loss vospolnima. Because Olga in two years will be able to return. So, the sport - it's for us.

- We are accustomed to winning in team scoring during the Soviet era. Even second place for us if it was somehow not solid ...

- If our awards this medal Olympics add champions and winners of the former Soviet republics, you get the number of medals, which won the Soviet Union. The country has become less, as well as bases, schools and sports centers. Therefore, as it was, never will be. (Thinking) And maybe still will. We are all in a geometric progression is built on the rise. Alexander Zhukov pledged that the Sochi built-art bobsled track and ski jump. There will be new buildings - will be new sections. People should also do something, and sports - this is the best lesson.

For the beautiful performances of athletes stayed behind the scenes Olympics.Seep little information about what our athletes in the camp happened to put it mildly, the odds. And actually, what happened behind the scenes?

Yes, there were rumors that our noisily celebrate the victory over the Canadians. I do not believe that all upilis. Maybe there was some celebrating, and then could not play. I too was very upset - again hockey disappoint. Over the last two matches - the semi-finals and play for third place - no one abandoned washer - it will not do. Hence, we have a football.

- It turns out that the team assembled is not the best players?

- Yes we have all the best. Maybe the band is such bad luck? Youth team two world championships in a row goes into the finals and gives Canadians. Hence, at this time we give in development.

Well, of course, you, as a true patriot and mnogoznayuschy journalist, does not extradite its own. Well. And the conditions in which our athletes have lived? By spartan, adhering to ancient traditions, or is it the same Italians tried to take a good guest?

Conditions at the Olympics has always spartan and there are always disgruntled. As for life - not enough TV, and the rooms themselves. Three of our skiers have lived in a double room, slept at each other, figuratively speaking. Organization, of course, podkachala. The Italians tried hard, but apparently has been allocated very little money or are they all gone off somewhere.

- Dmitry, not everyone is a talented journalist to comment credence Olympics ¸ especially the opening. How is it that fate has fallen on you?

- I just love my job. And, apparently, the management channel "Sport" and RTR positive attitude to what I do. For which I am very grateful. In particular - the Editor in Chief Vasiliy Kiknadze.

Since childhood you've dreamed of becoming an Olympic champion and quite seriously went to his goal. But injuries during training and competition have prevented you in this. And when you decided to try himself as a sports commentator, fate was more supportive to you and everything turned out as the American Dream?

On my plans, I had become an Olympic champion in rowing in 1996 in Atlanta. When this became impossible, I decided that I will definitely work on television. Absolutely not know how to park, but here at TVC announced a contest leading. Come and tell me: "We do not need anybody." I responded: "Need sports commentators. I responded: "Thank you. We will call you. " And I: "You do not invite, you're cheating me." Began to knock on all doors and windows, and ended up on the TVC. We can say that in my case - it is only Russian dream.

- How about a "star disease"?

- It is not up to narcissism. In recent years, work so much that sometimes I forget about myself. Never was there so I went unprepared into the ether. But it happens that we have to comment on very unfamiliar sports such as acrobatics, freestyle skiing, or Sumo. Then come to the aid experts, specialized literature, the Internet.

And about the star - give you one example. On ZDF television station operates two-time Olympic champion and eight-time champion Christoph Langen bobsled. And our job, he always looked down upon. One day I approached him himself, introduced himself. Said that long ago I know him and he is well known in Russia. Christopher later he came and slapped me on the shoulder and said: "Hey, Dima!" It was nice. In general, I wonder when some people you elevated to idols, and they later turn out to thy friends.

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