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Marat Safin: the victory on the court, good luck in love

March 3 2005

From 4 to 6 March in Moscow will be 1 / 8 finals of the Davis Cup between Russia and Chile. From Safina and all our other tennis players are just waiting for the victory. Especially as men's national team coach Shamil Tarpishchev March 7th birthday, and he would not abandon such a beautiful gift.

And though his previous match at the tournament in Dubai Marat lost, it should only spur him to a more focused game in Moscow. We all cheer for Marat, so we decided to talk a little about his victories, both in sports and in his personal life.

Winner of the Australian Open, Marat Safin has long been a millionaire. In his 25 years he won two Grand Slam tournaments (other than Australian Open, Safin in 2000 won the U.S. Open), together with the Russian team took the Davis Cup, has already managed to get the first racket of the world, however briefly, and only one prize earned many millions of Euro

But all these achievements have not made Marat sort of unapproachable star. He remains friendly and sociable guy with a good sense of humor and sometimes even resembles a large baby. On the one hand, it is certainly good. But, whether he is a little older, you look - and win the tournament on his account would have been much greater, and the first racket of the world would be considered now is not the Swiss Federer, and our own tennis player. However, Marat, only 25 - the age of prosperity. And judging by how he started this season, he can really finish it with the title of best player in the world.

All in all Safina is currently 15 wins in tournaments of the Association of Tennis Professionals. Over 7 years of performing for adults it, according to official data, has earned about $ 12 million just in prize money. At age 20, Marat has created a sensation by defeating in the finals of the US Open Pete Sampras, who bore the title if the first racket of the world.

It seemed that after this success will pit Safina exclusively on increasing. But - nothing happened. Yes, some time he stayed the number one world ranking, but victories alternated with lapses, he was tormented by injury, and in 1923, Marat even began to think about how to get away from this great sport. Like, everything goes wrong, prevents injury to play well, but shame on the court - do not want to. But then Safin has cooled down a bit, regained injured hand, and last season began quite confidently.

In fact, many have written off his rivals Safina from the account, when in late 2003, he lost almost a dozen games in a row. But as early as 2004 Marat has won several tournaments in the ranking took place in the top five, and in early 2005 won the first tournament in this season Grand Slam.

Decoration of the tournament was the semifinal match with Safin's top-ranked Roger Federer, who had a meeting with Marat emerged victorious in 28 games in a row. By the way, Federer lost to Safin in the last year in the finals of the same Australian Open. This time the match took place on the day of the 25 th anniversary of Marat, and to lose him, he had no right. He did not lose.

Federer in that game was great, but Safin - great! In the fourth installment in the tiebreaker was the moment when he could lose the match by one stroke. However, our Marat did not flinch, persevered and pulled up not in his favor set. In the fifth installment Safin had a competitive advantage, all the time pressed, but the Swiss did not give up, and sometimes worked wonders on the court. Trailing 2:5, Federer played a total of six match-Bolov, but ... the seventh is still broken.

In the final, Safin was the rival Australian Lleyton Hewitt. When the crazy support stands Hewitt took the first set - 6:1. But after that Marat was transformed.As recognized by Safin, after the match, he realized that he had nothing to lose, and with such an ugly game, as in the first set, he did not shine.

Because he had ceased to be nervous and started to play so powerfully and skillfully that Hewitt could only helplessly throw up your hands and cry for help to the stands. In the fourth set Marat was enough to take a supply of Hewitt and retain their to win and in the set and the match (1:6, 6:3, 6:4, 6:4), and in the tournament.

At the award ceremony Marat looked impossibly tired - which, incidentally, is not surprising, given the terrible heat and the level of its rivals. At a press conference after the ceremony he told reporters about why over five years could not win a Grand Slam tournament:

- My victory in 2000 at the US Open was, by and large, random. I was young, and even if he lost to Sampras, still would have said it all: do not worry - the ending is also a good result. But two defeats in the finals of Australia have been very offensive. That's why this time I would be particularly unfortunate to lose. I've already lost so much, that in recent years have repeatedly heard: yes, he's a good tennis player, but a Grand Slam tournament with living Federer, Roddick and Hewitt will never win. In the near future I have a chance of success in the other Grand Slam tournaments this year, especially if my coach Peter Lundgren will be next. We work together not so long ago, but in the meantime, Peter has helped me much. He helped me once again believe in themselves. We trained with him for a long time to achieve results. And, as you can see, it came out.

Yes, now Marat entirely focused on tennis. It is this required of him mom Rouse Islanova, which in itself a profession tennis coach, learned a lot and Marat, opening his way to the big sports.

Incidentally, in recent times and his sister Dinara Safina shows excellent results on the court. She recently won a major tournament, winning the final of the leader of the tennis rankings Amelie Mauresmo. Marat's progress sister watching very closely, constantly calling her, advises on how best to play with anyone.

Incidentally, a few years ago he said that it will take some time - and it will know only as the brother of the great tennis player Dinara Safina. But here he is, of course, poskromnichal.

As far as personal life of Marat, the most of the time he, when not touring the tournament to be spent in Spain, where he lived with for 14 years. Here is what he himself once said on this subject:

- Moved with his parents in the age of 14 in Spain, I spent most of time I spend in Europe. So do not call myself a typical Russian. And I am proud that I am not a typical Russian!

"Not a typical Russian" loves cars, koi had, however, are often stolen. So Safin has lost his BMW X5 SUV and Mitsubishi.

But with girls it carries a lot more - which, incidentally, is not surprising, given his charisma, and revenues. Interest to Marat showed even the stars of Hollywood and American pop music. For example, Madonna. But he was more interested in younger girls. At one time Safin has been friends with Anna Kournikova.

- We just played tennis - confessed once he Marat. - What is there love in 12 years? Today, Anne, of course, a beautiful girl. But as a wife I would have just not picked up.

In autumn 2001, Marat twisted love affair with Russian model Ekaterina Bestuzhev. But in the autumn of next year, he was repeatedly seen in the company of famous Spanish top model Torrens Valero. After the victory of Russian team in the Davis Cup in December 2002, a permanent loving girlfriend tennis player became the cover girl Maria Krivtsov.A year ago Safin on one of the social events appeared with Daria Zhukova, the daughter of prominent businessman. That she was with Marat in Australia when he won the championship there, and apparently, it was love for her brought him luck. Well, let's see how things go on ...


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