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How to fix your posture?

July 31 2007

Usually we unjustly been deprived attention to our posture, although many of it leaves much to be desired. On it we remember only when there is severe pain in his back. And yet such a negligent attitude toward the spine leads to a really serious health problems.

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Posture - is a familiar relaxed posture rights without unnecessary exertion. Correct posture ensures optimum conditions for the functioning of the body. With the correct posture of the body are located symmetrically about the spine.

How to start a violation of posture? The impetus for the posture may be a violation of any factor that blocks the transmission of signals from receptor - abdominal pain, injury, or just an uncomfortable posture.

Often we do not think over the fact that a considerable amount of blame for our illnesses just bad posture. Headaches, dizziness, cramps, heart pain and back pain, shortness of breath, shift bodies pinched nerves and poor circulation - these are distressing list of its consequences.

Violation of posture can be corrected. It is almost always reversible, not related to the restructuring of the support structures of the spine.

There is a set of simple exercises to correct posture, which can be done at home.

1. Take a heavy book, put it on his head and walk with her around the house a few minutes. You will immediately see that it is simply impossible to keep the heavy volume on the head, if you stoop or bend the back wheel. Repeat the exercise with the book you need every day, while posture becomes habitual. And then we should not forget about this simple way to restore good posture.

2. Approach the wall and stand tightly pressed to her neck, shoulders, buttocks, calves and heels. Spread the arms to the side with his hands against the wall, and then, without changing the torso, arms lower. Remember the situation, get away from the wall and stand, if possible, as though you are standing against the wall. Try to walk in this position, squaring his shoulders and raising his head.

3. Lie on the floor on his stomach, arms bend at the elbow, put one hand on the other, and they uprites forehead. Sox need to pull and heel connected together. Now lift your upper body while his arms to the side. Do not lift your chin up and hands down, do not immerse. Hold this position for few seconds and then return to starting position. Exercise should be repeated 5-8 times.

4. "The Japanese bow" For this exercise you need to kneel down, connect the legs together, hands raised above his head and turn your palms forward. The back should be straight, his neck stretched out, his chest forward. Very slowly lean forward while sitting on your heels. Hands and head should always remain in one position. And only when the chest touches the knees, you can relax. In the starting position back, leaning his hands on the floor and at the same time straining the back muscles, then slowly straighten your body and take a vertical position. And only then you can throw up. Take a deep breath and exhale and repeat 4-6 times.

During the day, our spin vastly overstretched and in need of retirement at night. Sleep - the main holiday for the whole body, including the spine. And you have to make sure that it was correct, because caring about the posture should be round the clock.If in the morning you do not feel confident, therefore, not fully relaxed during sleep, and accordingly, and not rested.

If we are intensively engaged in correcting posture during the day and forget about it at night, the process drags on for a long time. For good posture best bed on which a rigid plywood base covered with a cotton mattress thickness of 5-6 cm foam for this purpose does not fit - he's too soft. Pillows should be so thick that neither supine or lying on the side sleep did not feel that his spine is curved. Preferably on a bed of special orthopedic mattresses and pillows "under the shoulder", a structure which does not allow the spine to curve. Especially good for sleeping water mattresses. Water has a soothing property. Everyone knows a sense of ease when we just lie down on the water or sailing: body weight is removed, the spine is unloaded. The main criterion for a good mattress or pillow is such a condition: if the night you feel tension or pain in the muscles, then this morning no longer be due.

In the presence of strong stoop doctors recommend swimming. Swimming forms posture, strengthens muscles, tightens up and makes a thin waist, but also increases overall stamina. It gives excellent results if they engage in year-round.

If you must carry a heavy load, try to keep it in one hand, not two, and alternating shift.

Initially, keep your back straight, of course, be difficult, because the muscles do not need the extra work, but gradually you will become much easier to keep track of its position, it's a habit. And soon you'll be proud of a flat back and good posture.

Irina Kapustina


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