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How to keep a slender figure, when there is no time

September 29 2006

Motion - pledge in good shape. No matter how strict diet you are not adhered to, provided that you all day to sit on a chair or lie on the couch, extra pounds from anywhere you can not disappear. The output from this is simple - to move more frequently. But what if "sitting" job takes you most of the time and classes at the gym nothing left?

Learn to use the benefit of even a small amount of free time, spend those moments standing - a workout, take a walk. Below is a list of actions that will help accelerate metabolism and maintain your harmony and health in general.

1. Start with breakfast. Charge your body with energy and relieve the hunger for a long time to help cereal or other foods with cereals. Rolled oats or oat grains germinated give the body essential vitamins B (it provides the normal operation of the nervous system, intestines, and its deficiency often causes skin rash, dandruff).

2. When walking, try to give the body a small load. At home, when doing exercises, take a dumbbell and a half pounds and lift them while walking on the spot.

3. Combine business with pleasure can be after bringing a pet that requires walking. Willy nilly will have to detach yourself from the couch and walk - the animal is necessary and useful to you.

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4. Do not forget about regular food. If in the course of the day you spend a lot of energy and two or three times a day for you to eat a little, you can afford a meal a light meal in between meals. It can be fruit or yogurt.

5. Clearly, reducing fat intake will bear positive results. Please note that all fat should not exclude, or it may result in unpleasant consequences for the appearance and body.

6. When you wanted to talk on the phone, do not be lazy to get up. In this position calorie consumption increases.

7. At work during lunch hour walk, or go to friends in another room. Do not sit in one spot all day.

8. Dancing can be completely replaced by physical exercise. Dance to the music at home or in clubs and discos.

9. Gardening also burns a lot of calories - until you dig up all the processed da ...

10. In pursuit of a beautiful figure, do not overdo it. Remember, starvation and excessive strain will only do harm. Do not cut calories below the 1600 for women and 2000 men.

11. When you are at home reading a book or watching TV, try to sit up straight. Lying down or reclining is certainly pleasant, but not for the body.

12. In his spare time, you can do some sports, that does not require constant training, for example, roller-skating.

Vasilyeva Camilla

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