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Kvas: drink at all times

July 29 2006

Kvas in Russia drink at all times. And even in the XXI century, this beverage is not inferior to the popularity of carbonated water. Kvas not only taste good - it is useful to the body, invigorates and restores power.

In ancient times kvass was an everyday drink. His drunk young and old, regardless of class at any time of year, but the recipe kvass known in every home.

The first written mention of kvass relate to the period of the baptism of Rus Prince Vladimir. The chronicle states that he ordered the people to distribute food, honey and kvass. But also know that the recipe drink was known to the Slavs, and in earlier times.

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The peasants often took with him on the field work is a brew and not some other beverage. It was believed that it increases efficiency. Later, these and many other properties kvass were confirmed by research scientists.

Effects on the body similar to the kvass kefir and acidophilus milk. It regulates the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, kills germs, positive impact on the cardiovascular system and improves metabolism. It also improves the appetite, has a high energy value.

Vitamins in kvass not much, but together with them in it contains about ten amino acids, valuable for the human body.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a long and difficult preparation kvass on the original recipe. However, before you spend money on a finished product production factory with a pretty label, claiming that awaits you inside a real brew pay attention to the ingredients.

Kvas, which really benefit the body and will then have a taste of the natural product should not contain artificial additives (sweeteners, dyes, etc.). Also, make sure you offer it a brew and not the so-called fermentation liquor.

But, despite the saturation of the market, we recommend at least just try this, domestic kvass. It is served in many restaurants with Russian cuisine hunting clubs.

Preparation kvass according to ancient recipes includes many labor-intensive processes such as maceration and grinding grain. To simplify the problem, use the leaven a must - it is sold in many stores. For the preparation of such kvass concentrate only need to fill water right number of spoons of mash, add yeast and sugar to ferment.

And here is one of the more approximate to the classical recipe:

Kvas "Monastery"

1 cup malt leavened
2 tablespoons raisins
1 lemon
1 apple
1 cup rye flour
Spoon 1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon dried raspberry leaf
2 liters of water

Rye flour brew boiled water, allowed to cool down the mass. Apples, lemon, raisins thoroughly washed and passed through a meat grinder. Dry leaves crushed raspberries, add honey, malt, fermentation, chopped apples and lemon, honey, rye flour, brewed, pour the remaining water.

Massa thoroughly mixed and left to ferment for several days in a warm place. Decant and use in the thick of ferment.

In such a suit kvass and pears, plums (prunes), any dried or pickled berries for flavoring - anise ordinary, thyme, sage and other spice plants. Rye flour can be replaced with flour wheat, oats or buckwheat.

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