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Sunstroke: causes and first aid

June 29 2006

Solar or heat stroke is not uncommon among people who spend a lot of time in the sun. Stroke victims are not just people whose work is connected with permanent stay in direct sunlight, but vacationers. If you or someone nearby got sick, it is necessary to take measures described below and wait for the arrival of ambulance crews.

Under the influence of the sun's head overheats, blood vessels begin to grow. Accordingly, increases blood flow to the brain edema. Small hemorrhages in different parts of the brain may cause disturbances in the central nervous system.

Sunstroke can occur as a people, intolerant of heat in general, and with those who arrive in the sun with fullness, in a drunken state and just with their heads uncovered. It should be remembered hats and Panama hats - they will protect your head.

Heat stroke occurs due to overheating of the body. Causes of heat stroke may be fatigue, excessive humidity, physical exertion, too tight clothing. Such an attack, unlike solar, can overtake a person even indoors - this promotes closeness and high temperature.

The symptoms of both types of attacks are similar. First of all, it is tinnitus, darkening before the eyes, dizziness, fever, nausea and vomiting. Heat stroke is accompanied by lethargy, a strong sense of fatigue, facial flushing, hearing loss. Not rarely arise hallucinations. The man was hit falls into unconsciousness, emerges a cold sweat, his face pale. From the nose can go blood.

To provide first aid person, get hit, do the following:

- Move the victim into the shade, put it so that the head was raised

- On the forehead should apply a cold compress (a handkerchief soaked in water)

- To give the victim a sniff ammonia or any non-toxic agent with a pungent smell

- Drink plenty of water

- To call an ambulance

- If the person is in a room, you must provide sufficient air flow and coolness

Once the medical team will provide expert assistance, the victim needs to stay at rest and consume as much fluid.

For the prevention of both types of attacks should not be in the sun too long, while hiking in the heat need to make frequent respite, not sleeping in the sun - click for a resting place in the shade, cover his head Panama and not to abuse alcohol.

Kulikovskikh Pauline

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