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Stress and the City: how to save the nerves

September 28 2006

You expect

The bus went off in front of his nose, and how many now expect - is unknown. The crowd want to leave growing. The heart begins to beat violently, there is anger at everyone and everything!

1. First of all, go out from the crowd: people who electrified the expectation and the same kind of negative emotions, infecting each other. Stop staring intently into the distance, waiting on the horizon the coveted bus.

2. Concentrate on something good: bird, a beautiful coat someone interesting building. If absolutely nothing nice around there, look at the sky, it is always there and always beautiful.

3. The more you repeat: "The bus No, no, no!", The more upset my nerves and the longer it will not come. If the view still floats in the direction from which sound you are looking for transportation, saying to himself: "He's coming!" He's coming! Coming! "

You're late

The hands looked like revolving carousel. You catastrophically late! You know that your pathetic excuse: "cork, rush hour, alarm led" - this time will not save.

1. Set a date, always provides for the delay of 10-15 minutes. In a big city is normal. Try to keep the venue was not on the street. When a person is waiting for you even 15 minutes in the wind, he remembers all of your sins and shortcomings. A date at a cafe in the store, in extreme cases in the subway.

2. Try to stop the alarm because of the delay and ask yourself: "What will happen if I do not come in time?" Most likely, you will answer that the world will turn upside down. Perhaps all that you face, it's a sideways glance and a couple of unpleasant words. But whether because of this, to bring himself to precoronary?

3. If you can make a difference, do it. For example, take a taxi or catch the car. It is always better to spend money than the nerves.

You angry

I was not putting a saleswoman, and she expressed to you all, that thinks about having large bills. In the subway you pushed, the more so charged: "And you do not stand in the way!" Clenched his fists, his whole body tense, breathing becomes frequent and superficial.

1. Adjust the breath, focusing on him: try to breathe slowly and deeply. Relax your muscles, imagining how the top streaming cool threads rest gently enveloping the whole body.

2. Count from 100 to 1, if hit, start over again.

3. Imagine a corner where you were always warm and comfortable: the kitchen of her grandmother, on the terrace of cottages on a sunny summer morning, on the sea beach, the rustle of waves, the cries of the gulls, the laughter of children.

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You provoke

Nowhere quarrels flare up as easily as in a crowded public transport. Violation of personal boundaries. If the distance to the other, a stranger is less than 10 centimeters, it is perceived as a threat. Muscular discomfort, negative aura - all this leads to the fact that someone can not stand the nerves. And you begin to cause a scandal.

1.In my mind, set between themselves and angry man obstacle: impenetrable glass stream of light flowing from the top, wrap themselves in polyethylene.

2. Do not respond to any remarks, no matter what charges. Take a look that you - it's just soulless body.

3. As often provoke scandals so-called energy vampires, who can not get energy from any source other than from the stimulation of others, mentally make the message: "Have you all will be!"

Do you play on the nerves

You are in a hurry, but the cashier at the bank filling out some papers, answers phone calls, distracted by conversations with colleagues. She clearly feels your patience.

1. Ask yourself: Do I want to feel a sense of order on this young lady - that is nervous, run up against rudeness.

2. Reassure yourself by any available means to you.

You uncomfortable

You come in an expensive shop, and sales permeates you look like X-ray. Realizing that you still do not buy it, silently pours you a wave of contempt.

1. Ask yourself: maybe the salesgirl had nothing to do with it? And you say to ourselves that you have enough money with them, and therefore worthy of contempt?

2. Tell yourself that you did not come to the salesgirl. She did not belong here, and she hardly can also buy these products.

3. Think about that, even if you do not buy it, you have the right to look at the good things and even try on them.

You - witness the incident

Car accident, explosion - alas, it is also the daily lives of a large city. In your eyes tragedy happened, you are shocked, because on-site accident and you could be a minute before.

1. Suppress your curiosity and not to consider the scene, do not stand in a crowd of onlookers, try to go faster.

2. If your mind again and again gets seen, would not allow himself to think about it an effort of will. Imagine a magic eraser to erase the horrible picture. Replace them with pleasant: forest glade after a warm rain, falling leaves in the park on a warm Indian summer day, front garden with marigolds and asters - in short, that can reassure you.

3. Tell it not in great detail what they saw, their relatives and friends. First, you stir them, and secondly, themselves again razvolnuetes.

4. If the thought: "But in place of the deceased could have been me" - is still pursuing you, keep it this way: "But I was not there, because my guardian angel, God is protecting me. I still need in this life."

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