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How to quickly remove the beer belly

June 25 2007

Summer is in full swing, and you still can not swim. Hesitate to go to the beach? The perennial problem of hanging tummy? Just limit yourself to eating a little - you want a flat stomach in no time.

As we know, loose belly arises from the excess fat. In this situation will not help you a massage or electrical stimulation. The only way out - is a strong diet.
Stomach appears because it is too flabby muscles of the abdominal cavity. In this situation you need to perform daily a group exercise.

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First you need to know the structure of the abdominal muscles, and what impact more effectively.

Abdominal wall formed by four thin flat muscles. Anterior abdominal wall forms the rectus, and lateral abdominal wall form the external and internal obliques. Rectus abdominis is in the longitudinal direction in the form of wide strips on both sides. External and internal obliques diverge like a fan over the rest of the abdominal cavity.

If you keep these muscles are in working condition, the stomach will always look neat and flat. Give an example of a few, most effective exercise for those muscles.

Stand with legs apart, knees slightly bent and stretched out his hands in front of him. Both hands at shoulder level, turn sharply to the right, with hips and legs remain stationary. Return to starting position and repeat this movement to the left. Perform this exercise several times, recording the position of the body at an extreme point. Further complicate - Repeat this movement flexing his right knee when turning right and left when turning left. At the same time try to turn as much as possible.

Lie on your back, legs bent and arms stretched out behind her head. Raise the body bent hands to the feet. Then, cross your hands on your shoulders and return to starting position. Repeat the exercise several times.

Exercise for abdominal retraction. It can be performed anywhere, it is very effective. Need to draw on inspiration the abdominal muscles, and relax as you exhale. This exercise will need to perform on a regular basis for 10 consecutive times to 4 times a day. 2 weeks, the effect is simply stunning, especially when combined with a strict diet without alcohol and salt.

For women, waist circumference is important, unfortunately, the nature of it quite difficult to change once you've done everything possible with diet. No exercises will not change it unless your figure is not elegant beginning. But do not despair, good posture compensates for the shortcomings of some figures. Straighten his shoulders, keep your head up and lift the chest. Thus, you are more clearly define the waistline and suzite it at 5-6 centimeters.

Many believe that water retention causes bloating and weight gain, but it is not. No matter how much fluid we drink, the kidneys will withdraw surplus for 12-15 hours. Excess weight is caused by excess fat, not liquid.

Alex Vitvitskiy


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