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How to increase your IQ

June 24 2008

IQ, as established scholars, genetically determined, and therefore not subject to change. However, there are several ways to involve mental capabilities to the greatest extent.

Nine ways to boost your IQ

9. There are more fish and seafood
Fatty fish are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids or omega 3. These substances are 40% responsible for the formation of cell membranes and, apparently, improve neuronal metabolism. Omega-3 is believed to American scientists, is a structural matter of the brain and retina, ensuring their optimal functioning. It is essential for the development of the fetus' brain and to sustain the elderly. Many types of diets for seniors include fish. In animal experiments found that the pups irreversibly disrupted the ability to learn if their mothers did not have enough essential fatty acid Omega 3.

8. Green tea for breakfast and lunch
The caffeine in green and black tea, tones the body and sharpens mental faculties. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to shock the body too large a dose of tea leaves. Take breaks between chaepitiyami.Optimalno drink two cups of tea a day.

7. Do not panic!
While stress in small doses sharpens your mental abilities, a lot of stress makes us Neanderthals. At the moment of passion, try to control your breathing. Do not let stress to grow into a depression, accompanied, as a rule, alcohol and antidepressants. It kills brain.

6. Slow and steady wins - more than you know
Studies show that the brain learns best information at the "dynamic" reading of the text. Those who read too fast, losing in the assimilation of the material the slower reader. Nevertheless, our abilities are not used at all 100%. Motor reaction retina and the time at which the image of the pupil reaches the retina and further to the site of the cerebral cortex, responsible for decoding the information is 500 words per minute in the most effective manner. The modern student of average intelligence uses only half of the reserve.

5. Do not sit on the ground
Italian researchers found that elderly people over 65 who are in a day, about 5 kilometers not a quick pace to have 27% less likely to be a ripe old age marazmatik than older people, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Researchers believe that walking improves cerebral circulation. So walk, walk in the woods for mushrooms, etc. Exercise regularly. Like the elderly, young too useful regular exercise. For example, aerobic exercise contribute to the formation of gray and white matter of the brain as children get older. Just keep in mind that we are talking about regular physical activity, not the school of Olympic reserve.

4. Crossword puzzle instead of a computer shooting games
In order to improve brain activity much more useful to guess the crossword for a gull evening tea, dinner or watch an intelligent talk show instead of a regular soap opera. Do not give the brain can relax and while interacting with friends. For example, help children or younger sister in the task of technical subjects: mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

3. Break for a dream
Scientists have shown that a 15-minute sleep during the day promotes health. You are afraid of the reaction boss when he finds you prikornuvshim?Tell him about the latest research scientists. In addition to increasing productivity, even a 6-minute sleep will improve your memory.

2. Play video games
The main argument - video games improve coordination of visual and motor movements of fingers. Proved that it increases the ability of mental perception. Additionally, some games are not as primitive as it sounds. After the mental efforts to solve the game challenges players feel that their brains are "rejuvenated".

1. Study, study and study again
Education strengthens the very marrow, especially if you consider yourself to be an apt pupil. Arrange for a driving school, learn a foreign language or go to school design. As you gain new knowledge activate your neurons, which stimulate you to develop new horizons.

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