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Facial cleansing, a way to choose?

April 24 2007

The main purpose of cleaning person - getting rid of skin from the so-called "black spots" and all types of acne, the causes of which can be very different. From the banal to the pollution of violations of certain glands of internal secretion. Logically, remove blackheads and "black spots" should have at least because they give the skin an unattractive and uncared-for appearance. But, again - depending on how you delete ...

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Today, most salons are practicing mostly mechanical and manual forms of cleansing. What in general is quite clear - fast, cheap, but is painful and risky.
Manual cleaning - process is quite laborious and long, but it is important every step. Cleansed face pre-steamed and then fingers wrapped sterile wipes, in turn squeezed pimples.  

"+": Removing blackheads.

"-": Painful, and sometimes even very literally to tears. Beauticians associated with exposure to the appearance of tears on the most sensitive points, which are located on the nose.

But the main point is not the result, and the consequences. Prepare in advance to ensure that a minimum of day your face will not be "marketable". Red and swollen nose, spots and inflammation, very small ones - will be able to help unless moisturizing mask or a soothing tonic without alcohol. Too sensitive skin - as such, may turn out to be fat - will burn, pain and itch.

But that's not all. Unfortunately, there is a risk to carry out its updated face all sorts of bacteria, or, God forbid, infection, since at the time of decoupling skin are completely defenseless. Infection can be brought directly during the removal of blackheads. So make sure whether he had forgotten to wipe the skin cosmetologist special disinfectant lotion, and after the procedure - make astringent and soothing mask.

Unfortunately, this possible troubles do not end. It is possible that the effects of manual cleaning may occur much later, when you went to the mirror and suddenly notice that his face a small but noticeable hole or, even worse, scar. This is also the result of unfair work specialist, which will eliminate much harder than avoid it.

I should say a few words about the vaporization, that is about decoupling. Remember that steam bath is strictly prohibited to those who have to face veins.

Vacuum cleaner

Of course, compared with manual vacuum cleaning may seem a light massage, though, and held it like the manual, and therefore the effects may be the same. The only difference - cosmetologist does not work with your fingers and uses a special tube, inside which creates a low pressure area, which somewhat reduces the risk of infection and less traumatic for the pores. With this technology, sebaceous plugs suck out of the pores.

However, many experts believe that vacuum cleaning is not always possible to completely clean the pores of blackheads. On the other hand, with the help of such a tube is easy to remove grease plugs out of reach for manual cleaning, so many beauticians successfully combined with manual vacuum method.Only a vacuum is applied only in cases of small pollution far and with a limited number of pimples. By the way, with "black spots" he copes admirably and completely painless.

About kislofruktah

Chemical face peeling with AHA (fruit acids) - a relatively new technique. No, fragrant strawberry you, of course, not namazhut, but the mask with a high content of glycolic acid - this is for sure. The mask will help open the pores and thus replace the steam bath. Then, on the face of the superimposed with a high content of acid, which heats the skin and softens and even partially dissolve the fatty cores. The treatment ends with a soothing mask pores effect.

"+": This method of cleansing is officially recognized as the most netravmatichnym. Recovery in this case is also reduced to a minimum. And because the fruit acids stimulate active cell renewal, skin after a cleaning looks very fresh.

"-": Remove all the blackheads with fruit acids is practically impossible. So do not be surprised if most pimples will remain on its "legitimate" places, although will be less noticeable. Keep in mind, and that on very sensitive skin may be irritation. In general, the procedure is quite favorable and, more importantly, virtually safe. If the concept of "acne" you unfamiliar, but the pimple you remember once a month, this method was invented specifically for you.

Ionov newbie

Another almost unknown in our way - dezinkrustatsiya, or ionization of the skin on a mask or lotion, depending on the condition of the skin. A special drug that is applied to the affected acne area, contains anti-inflammatory, wound healing and other components, the effect of which is enhanced under the influence of galvanic current. The content is diluted and then stretched.

"+": Netravmatichnost and painless.

"-": In order to achieve a good result, the procedure must be repeated more than one or two times. And fun it is not cheap.



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