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How to cheer yourself up?

April 23 2007

Mood - the concept is very complicated and depends on many factors. Today, you slept well, got paid, bought the thing, which had long dreamed of - and directly radiate positive. And tomorrow, you had an argument with a colleague or loved one, your computer was broken before the date of exchange, and the mood disappeared in an unknown direction. There are many ways to cope with depression.

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Method 1. Shopping.
A good jog to the shops improves mood and is a kind of therapy against stress, especially for women. If you have enough money, you can buy any trifle: a hairpin, key ring or tights. Psychologists recommend that on cloudy days, and not only to choose a bright clothes. It pleases the eye, raises the spirits not only you but also others.

Option 2. Sports.
Any kind of sport gives a yield of accumulated negativity, plus everything possible to correct the figure. You can run through the park, play volleyball, swim in the pool.

Method 3. Music.
Turn on your favorite music louder. You can even yell along with your favorite artists. Just remember about the neighbors: they may not share your musical tastes. By the way, you can even dance at home in front of a mirror.

Method 4. Extreme.
If you are not afraid to fight bad mood extreme ways - this option for you. Jump with a parachute, to go skiing or snowboarding. In extreme cases, remove friends in the nearest amusement park. Adrenaline and good humor will be guaranteed.

Method 4. Good food.
Science has proven that chocolate improves mood, if not pay attention to the specified number of calories on the package. However, you are unlikely to seriously raspolneete from several pieces of favorite sweets. By the way, also helps to cope with the blues nuts, fruits and berries.

Method 5. Sex.
Multi-purpose tool that helps to cope with many, including those with a bad mood. His only drawback is that not always near a suitable partner. And if you decide to cheer yourself up with a way unfamiliar companion, then this method can already be attributed to the extreme options.

Method 7. Calm.
When he wants silence, you can simply do what he likes at home. For example, read a favorite book or enjoy embroidery. Also, on your mood positively affect climate change: move the furniture, buy new curtains, paint the walls pink toilet, etc.

Maria Shibanova


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