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Heels: carrier without pain

June 22 2006

We await the onset of summer to hurry to put on your favorite light dresses, tops and, of course, shoes. Thin heels clatter on the pavement makes walking almost music to the same shoes Heels figure adds harmony and grace.

But for someone to walk on his heels is a simple affair, and someone is about this dream - dress shoes once, and then a week can not go. What to do?

A few weeks before "publication" Heels can begin to increase their height. First, go slowly in high heels up to 4 inches. You can do it right at work - bring slippers as a replacement shoes.

Back home, do not forget to pay attention to the legs. Make a foot massage, take a special foot bath with herbs. In a basin of warm water, add strong brewed black tea - a tub deodorizes and softens feet.

To remove puffiness take tincture of yarrow. To 1 part dried chopped herbs 10 parts of boiling water, let the infusion to cool, strain. Need to take a decoction of 1 / 3 cup 3 times a day.

There is another recipe. Take a few plants of parsley, wash and chop the roots and green chop. Pour all this 2 cups boiling water. Then you need to brew wonderful features - you can cook it in the evening and take in the morning. When the potion has insisted, add lemon juice. Take the infusion should be 1 / 3 cup per day for 2 days. Then take a break for 2-3 days and take over.

In order to strengthen the foot and calf muscles there is a set of simple exercises. Flexion and extension of the foot in the ankle, rotate the foot in different directions alternately and together. No need to sit leg to leg and try to move more, so that the muscles do not stagnate. To strengthen the calf muscles, resting his palms against the wall, make a big lunge back, stop at the same time must be pressed to the floor and the foot is strained. Stay in there position for 10 seconds. Repeat with other leg. Ideally, you need to do an exercise 30 times with each foot.

Do water treatments - they improve blood circulation, increase immunity and train the vascular wall. Fill the tub with cold water so that its level is reached mid-calf. When the dip leg, put it on the whole foot. Shuffled their feet on the ground. The faster you do it, the better the flow of blood. After a minute of these exercises, place the feet in a bowl of warm water. Repeat this several times, and do not forget that the last shall be dipping into cold water - in order to vessels narrowed. Then rub his feet with a towel until they gets warm.

Simple ice and ice from herbal concoctions (chamomile, calendula, peppermint) in the summer is a must. Tub of ice relieve swelling and a feeling of buzz in the legs. If you are using regular ice, add in the tub drops of lemon juice or menthol oil. Rubbing the feet with ice cubes from herbal extracts useful to those who have extended the vein.

Do not forget to massage and bath, and after like the high heels - this will allow you to walk normally the next day because at night you give the legs and relax.

If you already have gathered to go to the store to buy shoes with heels, remember a few things. Firstly, every two inches of heel increases the pressure on the toes up to 25%, because of this disease can develop leg. Secondly, to make a better buying in the afternoon - this time his legs swell and increase in size, allowing you to choose a pair that will never be small. Third, try on shoes is not just sitting, but standing up, because when you stand in the length of the foot increases.

For everyday wear better than to take a couple of high heels 3-5 centimeters.Very well, if not the sole flat and corrugated - it helps to avoid slipping and falling on slippery floors.

The higher the heel, the more it suits for evening walks, visits to theaters, cinemas and receptions. In these difficult and dangerous to walk or stand for long.

Full girls recommended to buy shoes for a stable middle-heeled, but not too thin on the high heels. If you're short, do not aspire to buy shoes with a heel higher - it just breaks the general form, would make it disproportionate.

To learn how to walk on his heels, draw to a straight line - mentally or chalk. Go to this straight line in shoes. Legs should be straight, focus on walking the whole foot, then make sure to stay straight posture.

Well, the final recommendation - for the most extreme case is better to have with a pair of shoes in which you are unsure. According to doctors, day and night to walk on his heels is bad.

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