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The drink of the gods: all of the kind of coffee - November 20, 2006

November 20 2006

It's disgusting alarm clock went off again to go to work, and so want to have to lie in a warm bed. But we have to wake up, go wash up and brush your teeth, and then in the kitchen brew some coffee, with milk or cream, black, solid or with a lemon, it depends on taste, but how nice present to his lips, steaming cup of coffee and inhale the aroma of coffee.

Few presents its morning without this refreshing drink, but we seldom think about what makes up our favorite coffee. Not everyone knows that in Russia more people consume inorganic, ie, genetically modified coffee. In Europe and in Russia the demand for the modified coffee this year increased by 8,5%.

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World's first experiment on the cultivation of the coffee took place in Guyana, he held the French Center for International Cooperation on agrokulturnym Research (CIRAD). In the coffee trees was built a genetic fragment, taken from bacteria. He was responsible for producing the toxin, deadly to insects but safe, according to scientists, for the plant itself and for the man, although at the moment are no sufficient grounds to say with certainty that it is safe for humans. Experimental field did not last long - it destroyed the opponents of genetically modified plants.

Scientists say that the modified coffee effectively resists pests, while other plants die under their onslaught. But whether we agree to drink genetically modified coffee? Not everyone knows that the same favorite, inexpensive coffee, in large quantities as used in offices - the overwhelming cases - one solid chemistry, which is known as a consequence will affect our health.

As is known, the purest coffee in the world - Columbia. First of all, because he is a natural, or as they say - organic. Seeds for him received only a "pure" way, without using chemicals, which are often used as fertilizer. Yes themselves natural conditions favored growth of clean coffee making facilities. Coffee plantations are located in subequatorial latitudes: they protect the Andes.

All you need coffee trees - this heat, high humidity, rich in humus soil. On the slopes of the Andes Cordeliers year-round temperature is 17 to 24 degrees Celsius. Traditionally coffee is grown in the shade of taller trees - Guam and bananas. Thus, on the slope of a multi-layered landscape. It ripens Colombian coffee with a little "touch of red wine", while Brazilian and African varieties distinguished by "bitterness" over "hard" style. Coffee harvested by hand.

In Brazil, going to grow superkofe with a richer taste and aroma, as well as resistant to disease and frost, the minister said the country's agriculture, Roberto Rodrigues. Scientists have completed a two-year project to decoding the genome of coffee, having studied 200,000 DNA chains. For example, Brazilian experts have identified 35,000 genes responsible for the taste and aroma of the drink. At the moment Brazil supplies the market with one-third of the world's coffee.

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