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Lightest weight loss diet

April 17 2007

Spring is in full swing, soon summer and legal holidays, so time to build a dream figure is almost gone. So how can you lose weight quickly and without too severe restrictions on food?

Set overweight, primarily associated with overweight, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Each person has their own standard of calories needed per day. Athletes may consume 3000 calories and nothing but the office worker should be considerably less. How do we determine its norm?

What to eat in the spring, to feel the full force

Universal Rules of the spring diet  

Pineapple diet

A simple formula - it is multiplied by your weight in kilograms divided by 21.6. When light loads - add to the amount received 20%. This will be your daily quota. For example, the author of the article weight of 75 kg multiply it by 21.6 + 20% (324) = 1944 calories. This is my norm.

Focus on the fact that 7000 calories - a 1 kg weight. It is easy to guess that by reducing your daily diet to 1000 calories a day, you'll lose weight by 1 kg per week. Weight loss of more than 1 kg per week nutritionists consider harmful. Here's an example of several of the most effective and easy diets of recent years of age. So to eat and lose weight.

Volumetrics - method of substitution. Try to change your entire diet, and go for fresh vegetables and fruits. In tomatoes and cucumbers contain only 10-15 calories per 100 grams. The essence of this diet is not that there is not, but the fact that there are many low-calorie products. Refuse and forever forget the butter, mayonnaise, cheese, and sweets and nuts.

Diet-rainbow. This diet is based on the fact that a person ate food all colors. Stranded on a diet will have excellent health and well-proportioned figure. In vegetables and fruits bright colors many useful vitamins. Your diet should consist of wholemeal bread, Swiss cheese, fruit and vegetables. But as with any diet is necessary to take care of the number of calories eaten.

Diet DASH. The basis of the method of avoiding salty and fatty foods in conjunction with light physical exertion. This diet is one of the most effective. Eat more fruits and cereals. In this diet you can sometimes afford even a piece of dark chocolate.

GI diet is built on the principle that different types of food you want more or less time to digest - there are so-called "fast" and "slow" carbohydrates. You need to eat only "slow" carbohydrates, which burn longer. Such products are saturated with high levels of blood glucose. Avoid pastries, bread, sweets and alcohol.

The above diet - simple and reliable, but not a panacea for life. Any diet is only a postponement to make major decisions. Change your dietary habits and enjoy a workout!

Alex Vitvitskiy


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