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INFLUENZA: truth and fiction

September 14 2006

Autumn has come into its own. And the colder it gets outside, the closer the epidemic of colds and flu. Colorful posters advertise in all the latest tools in the fight against disease, but before you spend all of their salary to the drop, tablet, and handkerchiefs, learn more about how to avoid becoming a victim of seasonal illness.

There are several misconceptions that live all their lives, many people are not thinking about that. What threats expose themselves to reality. It should start with the fact that influenza - is a very serious disease that can leave behind a complication or develop into a very life-threatening illness such as pneumonia. In the U.S., came the terrible disease

Promote this may primarily continued activity in the period of the disease. At the time of illness should stay home, without compromising either himself or others, in fact contracted, they "bring" the virus back home and off they'd go.

There is no cure flu completely as soon as you do not get, even if you buy the whole range of the nearest pharmacy. However, there is a means, which can somewhat speed up your recovery - it is inhalation with soda and use an alkaline mineral water.


It is not necessary that the most effective medications for you will be antibiotics, which many do not like to take in particular because of allergic reactions. The main drugs in the period of illness of influenza are analgesic, expectorant and antipyretic.

By the way, the temperature. With flu, it does not necessarily rise to very high elevations - it all depends on how hard you hit the disease. The main symptoms of flu - body aches and headache. As soon as you feel something like this, see your doctor, do not wait until the thermometer shows 39.

If you take a cold shower in the morning or tempered otherwise, should not expect that due to this disease will bypass you.

First of all, we should not lightly to influenza to those who are afflicted with chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, kidney disease. They, like others, should use the most reliable and affordable at the moment means - vaccination against influenza.

Scientists have solved the mystery of the genetic curse

Below are a few, so to speak, folk remedies that have proven effective in preventing disease.

Every morning before breakfast, drink a glass of grapefruit juice or orange. Night eating salad with garlic.

Dampen a handkerchief lavender oil, fir or sage - these herbs have long been known for their amazing antibacterial properties. Just occasionally inhale a pleasant aroma.

Invisible threat: New viruses already on the way

During visits to the metro and other public transport, do not touch the nose, lips and eyes - his touch, you can transfer germs to the mucous membrane. And the flu - not the only disease that can pick up the same way.

Before leaving the house, brush your nose from the inside with vaseline, oxolinic ointment or baby cream - it is better to protect the mucous membranes of the bacteria.

p align = "justify"> But if you have already felt something was wrong, accept a hot bath before bedtime, drink some aspirin, eat a spoonful of honey.

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