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The epidemic of Las Vegas: why some people do not age

June 14 2011

If the earth is a place where time stands still, it's definitely in Las Vegas. The city, built on land where there is absolutely no resources except sand and scorching sun, by some miracle, "preserves" of its inhabitants. All residents of Vegas if cut from the same templates: everything is the same the tanned, fit and support - from the receptionist to the owners of the casino.

With all the genetic diversity of the American population, in Las Vegas, it seems, were all done in one tube: the same chiseled noses, their faces - no wrinkles, eyebrows plucked in both women and men. Their age can not be determined: neither young nor old people can not be called Vegas. Rather, for them to fit another word - amortaly (negative particle "a" plus mortal, "death").

The epidemic of Las Vegas: why some people do not age. 16726.jpeg Amortaly - it is not individuals but a whole layer of Earth's population. If our grandmothers operate with the concepts of "in times of stagnation, the parents - in an era of scarcity," and we - when facebook was not yet ", then these people have no interim targets. Only a notch on their life path - it's dropped by in a conversation "once ...".

Previously, everything was simpler. Graduated from high school - went to college with a degree - got a job, saved up some money - he married, started a child and so on. However, with increasing life expectancy (now, for example, it increased to 30 years compared with those a century ago), life milestones have shifted. Now you can give birth, and 30, and 50 years, gathered from his own half - and at 16, there is a will, and the notion of "middle age" is now blurred as never before - how much is in grams? Forty years, fifty, sixty?

Observations of a series of "You're acting for his age" almost lost its meaning - who decide what is fitting and what is not proper, since there are no clear rules? "I think we should move forward as long as you can, and do what you love" - ​​says 66-year-old Mick Jagger, who in May 1975 declared that rather die than be singing Satisfaction in his sorokapyatiletie. Sher, preparing to celebrate his 65 th birthday, loves to show off in tight semi-overalls, and Madonna, standing on the threshold of the 53 th anniversary, I have a young lyubovnnikov like a glove. Elton John became pope in 1962, Hugh Hefner married the girl, his junior by 60 years, Woody Allen, who four years later knocks 80, consistently shoots the film in a year. And very few people come to mind that they behave according to age.

Amortalov defining characteristic is that their way of life, chosen as early as teenage years, they are faithful to the grave. As they grow older they do not age, but become more noticeable. Amortaly do not ask such silly questions that well, but it was improper "for their age," because this term did not mean for them. They do not arrange their lives in anticipation of imminent death, simply ignoring it. Instead, they pursue their dreams and hunger for new experiences. Amortaly postponing retirement by choice, not out of economic expediency. That is why the American Association of Retired Persons has changed its name to the less flashy, AARP. So correctly.

Installation on "old age" is not so wrong if you think about. By 2050 the proportion of those over 60, be 27 percent - more than a quarter of the world's population. Amortaly have every reason to stay active: a couple of decades the world will be geared more to them than now.Of course, labor shortages and rising health care costs will not be present for either the economy, but the "immortals" will survive this with ease - Teens are always adapt to any situation.

Increased life expectancy has become possible mainly due to the removal or neutralization of the dangers of our prapradedushek at every step. But the main enemy - Aging - did not give their positions. In 1961, microbiologist Leonard Hayflick has made a sad discovery: most human cells can divide only a limited number of times. So when the vast majority of cells will refuse to share, knock on the door a dark lady with a scythe. Maximum age, who took Hayflick people - 120 years.

Jeffry Life - one of the most famous doctors in New York. In his clinic, Cenegenics clients to offer "a unique balanced program that combines healthy diet, exercise and hormone optimization technique. The last point - the most interesting. "Smart" - it seems to be the favorite word of specialists clinics. Human health can be decent, they explain, but much better - when it is optimal.

One day in hospital costs for 3,4 thousand dollars. This amount includes a detailed analysis of blood, a comprehensive survey and preparation of Individual Action Plan "optimization". Hormones optimization - is steroids: DHEA and testosterone in pill form and cream, respectively. In the most severe cases a cocktail adds a third ingredient - a growth hormone. Description of the mechanism of their action so tempting that patients spread further around a thousand dollars a month for this pleasure.

Unambiguous assessment HGH unavailable. In 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman and his colleagues studied its effect on the sample of men aged 61 and above. Visible side-effects have been - on the contrary, participants in the experiment increased muscle mass and feel they themselves have become better. However, the investigation was a "chamber" - a small number of participants and were conducted in a fairly short period of time, so to speak on long-term effect was not. The scientific community does not accept on faith not proven repeatedly results.

In 2003, researchers have returned to this theme. This time the findings were not as encouraging as in 1990. Growth hormone to improve the appearance of the subjects, but not the function of the body. In addition, scientists have expressed fears that the hormone can accelerate the growth of cancer cells. Alternative? Go to the gym - it's cheaper and safer.

In the States, now popular stickers on the car with the words I refuse to get old - "I refuse to grow old." For some it's a joke, for amortalov same - a policy statement. "Strictly speaking, life expectancy is measured in numbers: a string of days, weeks, months and years - says gerontologist Robert Butler. - But old age, just as its opposite - the youth - this is primarily a state of mind, which not influenced in time. "

This is not trite statement. In 1979 a Harvard psychology professor Ellen Langer demonstrated that a sense of their own age on the number of years lived is independent. In his experiment, she took up a number of volunteers who have settled in the past - furnished rooms, where the settled subjects, furniture, appliances and utensils that were in the course in 1959. The first group of participants in the experiment had been punished not perceive everything as "an exercise in nostalgia," and try to believe that they actually live in 1959. A second group settled in there after the departure of the first, said they can consider all seen as a campaign for the museum.

let the week members of both groups met and recorded their impressions. Time travelers really got used to the role: and the state of health, and mental abilities, they leapt to two decades ago. Later, however, recovered.

As mentioned above, the elderly are the fastest growing segment of the population. However, as stated in 1963, John F. Kennedy, addressing the Congress, "for a great nation not just add years to life expectancy. Our goal - to add new life to those years." Health, unfortunately, not kept pace with the long-lived. However, the virus amortalnosti already quietly captures the planet: you can live as you comfortably, not consistent with established for certain age groups, rules of conduct. Amortaly play a key role in transforming our perception of old age with you. They argue that older people can enjoy life and not wallow. Let age beautifully turns out not at all - but they do not lose the adventure and passion for new adventures.


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