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Bath: a proven method to strengthen the body

December 13 2006

It has long been one of the most popular winter wellness is the bath. To date, all those who wish not only to warm up in the classic Russian bathhouse, but other national steam rooms, for example, Finnish and Turkish. Sauna - is not only a fun pastime, but also a good way to improve their health.

The main difference between the bath and the sauna is in the humidity and temperature. The temperature in the bath of 45-60 degrees with humidity of 60-80 per cent, while in the sauna temperature rises to 100 degrees and the humidity is between 5 to 15 percent.

Improvement in the bath is due to sweating, accelerate metabolism and release toxins. Y regulars "hot" schools sweat starts dressed faster than novices - at the third, fourth minute.
Do not sit on the shelf until it becomes bad and immediately climb to the top - so you not only will not get a useful effect, but also be detrimental to your health. If you are a beginner, start with the bottom shelf, popartes 5-7 minutes, then take a break - sit in the waiting room, turning to coat.

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If you go to the bath is a recreational purpose, beer and other beverages in large quantities is not for you. After the steam room can make a few small sips of water. A fully eat and drink can only be a couple of hours, especially if you went to bath to lose weight.

Before the sauna drink a lot and not worth it, otherwise you will greatly increase the burden on the kidneys, and the amount allocated to sweat (and with it, and harmful substances) will remain the same.

Before I go back on the shelf wash skin with salt and sweat. It is also useful to plunge into the pool or rinse with cool water. This contrast will be useful for the skin and blood vessels. If you are not among the hardened, the water should not be too cold, otherwise you run the risk of catching cold.

To make the trip to the bath or sauna more useful, you can use special masks, applied on the skin.

Traditional satellite Russian banya - a broom. Broom is used for better sweat when obmahivanii quickly revealed superficial capillaries. "Correct 'broom (birch, nettle, oak or eucalyptus), among others, and has antiviral effect.

But for people with heart disease, kidney and liver Bath strictly contraindicated. This applies to people with skin diseases and severe inflammation of internal organs, because when a person is in the bath, all the processes in the body more rapidly, including the negative ones.

Also do not forget to cover their heads with special caps, otherwise the heat bad for your hair and then they will have for a long time to recover. Watering hair is not necessary - it could badly affect the vessels of the brain, bringing with them pain.

Vasilyeva Camilla

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