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How not getting fat for winter

October 12 2006

Beautiful slim figure - the pride for its owner. Often the girls remember this for a month before putting on a swimsuit. To the last moment not to clutch at his head and begin frantically to think how to reset deposited during the winter zhirok do not need to accumulate. But what if in the cold hungry very often, and especially a lot?

First of all, set to be slender. Keep in mind a visual image of yourself in the best shape. Whenever want to ruin the fridge, remember - if it does not stop you, then, at least, forced to eat less.

Get start your book and pointed at her, what, when and why you ate. It sometimes happens that one needs to eat is not of this hunger and stress. Through this diary, after a while you will be able to follow certain patterns. Rather than starting there, find yourself some calming activities such as chatting with a friend or taking a relaxing bath.

Eat more soup. The liquid itself quickly fills the stomach and prevent overeating, and broth in the soup for a long time and still postpones should begin hunger.

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How to find a suitable diet

How to cope with rampant appetite?

Do not be lazy to go to lunch for a walk, and do not be lazy to move. When walking, you not only burns calories, but during the day you receive the necessary light, which promotes the development of serotonin (the one that makes us happy). In order not to fall in winter depression, experts recommend to eat more foods high in carbohydrates.

Coffee, hot chocolate and Cappuccino - this, of course, good warming drink, but at the same time and high-energy. The leader is chocolate, followed by the cappuccino, and then coffee. Replace those drinks teas - green or fruity. Refreshing effect, incidentally, the same.

Find a job at home in the evening - necks, Tie or sew. Can you do something for the summer - a new thing or to decorate the old one. If you are yourself you want to do yourself, you will not think about how to fill their stomach.

Sports or dancing does not need to throw the winter. Move, dance at home or in the gym - this is the surest way of burning calories. Do not rush to include the heater, if the house was cold, better Warm yourself by making a small charge.

Wear tight clothing that emphasizes shape. If you where to add something, then such clothing immediately show it to you.

Spend a winter evening for the benefit of future vacations - choose where you want to go and start preparing for this journey. Take language classes, or learn traditional dances.

Adds the acute food seasonings - they accelerate the metabolism, and for obvious reasons makes eating impossible.

Sleep enough. Experts say that lack of sleep affects the appetite - I'm hungry anymore.

And finally, learn to cook herself. Cooking combines the right stuff - you move, you get moral satisfaction from the result, Can she see to it that the food was not high-calorie.

Vasilyeva Camilla

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