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Office syndrome? How to cure the body.

August 11 2006

Do you re sore back and neck? Then this article was written for you. For those who are constantly working on the computer, such problems are not uncommon. You have a lot of time in a sitting position, and your muscles do not receive appropriate discharge. The hardest part has just neck and back. And if here and added an awkward position, for example, you are running, stretching his neck or his head turned to one side, then the situation gets even worse. What should I do?

Ergonomic Monitor

When working with a computer it is simply necessary. This is the monitor that is adapted to the peculiarities of the individual. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, rotate in any direction, it is easy to adjust for height and tilt the screen.

If the monitor is at least slightly shifted to the left, the muscles on the left side of the neck are tense, and on the right - stretch. Imbalance leads to what will be difficult to turn my head to the right. Therefore, the monitor should be positioned according to the so-called rule of "median line". That is, it must be located directly behind the keyboard to its average line coincides with the center line of the monitor and the midline of your body.

The monitor does not need to set too high or low. The first line of the display should be at the level of your eyes. However, if you frequently look down - at the keyboard or documents on the table, then the line should be positioned slightly lower.

Try to make a little test. Note to myself a place on the screen, where you often see. Now close your eyes. Slowly nod your head up and down several times. Stay at the head position in which you do not feel discomfort. Open your eyes. If your monitor is set at the correct height, the view itself should stay on the marked point.

Paper holder

The documents you are working with the computer should be in tandem with the monitor. That is located at the same distance, height, and at the same angle of inclination of the screen.

Therefore, it is very convenient to place them in a special holder for the securities. It should be put next to the display at eye level.

If you face the challenge - to reprint the entire text, it will be much more convenient to place the paper directly before him. Or put them on a stand between the monitor and keyboard.

Vertical Keyboard

Frequent bending and lifting the head when looking from screen to keyboard and back can cause soreness in the neck. Therefore, the keyboard, as well as monitor, to be ergonomic.

Today, the world's patented new models of devices for input / output. In particular, keyboards, which are arranged vertically next to the monitor screen. As well as pyramidal, which have vertical layout.

However, any user can find a replacement for these technological innovations. To do this, simply pick up your keyboard, or to put it at an angle so that its front end was lower than the rear. In this case, the keyboard should be placed slightly below the elbow. And the angle formed by the elbow joints, must be 90 degrees or slightly more.

5 most important "not" related to computer use

DO NOT put the monitor is too low, it should be placed at eye level

DO NOT drop the elbows bent at the lower surface of the table

E attracted to far-facing keyboard: the elbows should be in line with your shoulders

Do not sit on a chair seat which weighs under your knees

DO NOT bend his legs, and draw on the entire foot


1) To prevent neck pain helps frequent short breaks. Not to forget about them, you can resort to the easy way. For example, set the phone on a nearby table, away from your workplace. So will need to rise up from the table to answer the call.

2) Try to rearrange your printer to be able to break away from the computer to get prints.

3) For the same reason, do not keep a folder with the working papers next to the monitor. Come out from behind his desk when reboot your computer.

4) And the last piece of advice: every 45 minutes, do not forget to do little exercises for the neck. Several times pull it forward, then turn left or right, and then follow the slope back and forth-right-left.

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